Thursday, December 31, 2015


Tak Terasa Tahun 2015, 1 Hari Lagi Dah Nak Habiss...
Akan menjelang tahun baru 2016...

..Buat Keluarga :
Kamulah Yang Terpenting Dalam Hidup Saya...

..Buat Yang selalu berurusan :
Saya Minta Maaf Kalau Saya Ada Menyakitkan Hati Kamu...

..Buat Kawan-Kawan :
Maaf Ya Kalau Saya Ada Silap & Salah, Tak Disengajakan...

..Buat Sahabat :
Jangan Lupakan Saya, Bila Suatu Masa Nanti Kita Terpisah...

..Buat Yang Tak Sependapat :
Maaf Bila Selama Ini Saya Selalu Salah Dimata Kamu...

..Buat Yang Sayang Pada Saya :
Saya Juga Sayang Pada Kamu...

..Buat Orang Yang Pernah menasihati Saya:
Terima Kasih Kerana anda Mengajar saya Bagaimana Untuk Terus Bersabar...

..Buat Yang Tak Kenal Dengan saya:
Terima Kasih Sebab Simpan No hp Dekat Contact anda...

Terima Kasih Semua Sebab Sudah Ada Dalam Hidup Saya...

Yang Menjadikan Tahun 2015 Saya Sebuah Coretan Hidup Yang Lebih Bermakna...

Mohon keMaafan & terimakasih atas segalanya......

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Wednesday, December 30, 2015

++the one with 2015 best nine

With this, i conclude, people dont like my ugly face. Only the sceneries.. Fine, people, fine!!!


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Friday, December 18, 2015

++the one with 50ju

Oh lupa nak cerita
We went to s0ju. 4 of us.
A,b,c and me.

Normally, it was b who ll drive, going and back.
So this time, we, a&c&me didnot bring our driving licences.
Only b brought the driving licence.
So, ok, we were inside, enjoying the liveband & laughing at people drunk-dancing.
Except b, b drank, too much and then drunk.

And when it was time to go back, b couldnt drive.
A had to take over. A is not familiar with the road, c too.
Only me familiar with the road, but i am not familiar with handling a big car.
Even the handbrake is not normal at the hand area. It is located at the leg area. Pelik kan?
Aku mmg #villagepeople liddat yaknow. I had never had the experience yaknow handling this type of vehicle. Huhu. Jakon.

So, ok, on the way back, suddenly B decided wanted to pee. Ditepi jalan. T_______T.
I was like, whatttt?
So we stopped ditepi jalan yg suram tiada org and well, b peed. And puked.
Tetibe, out of nowhere, dtg seorg makhlok. Lelaki, in dark skin. Towards us.
Ya allahhh, apo ni?
A and c panicked.

I had to take over.
So we switched place, without turun kereta.
Now, im at the driver's seat, A at co pilot.
But i cant move. I dunnno how to release the hand brake. Saikoooooo cemassss!
That lembaga lelaki was closeeeee!
So, A had to merangkak from a side and use her hand to release the handbrake from the driver's leg area. Ko dpt tak bayangkan???
C, who was at the back screamed, "Cptt! Kenapaaa jugak ko tuka tuka driver skrggg baaaa????"
A, who was also panicked lawan scream, ko diammm baaa.
cemas bergandaganda..
i finally succeeded in freeing the handbrake when that black stranger was only inches away.
cemassss gila, terus swerved the car right into the road and zasssss, altho i was not so sure how the gear like. (turned out, i was at gear S3 instead of D) but ok, watever moved the car.

tiba2, cemas dtg lagi, there was a roadblock.
ya allahhhhhhhhhhh.
read paragraph 2.
cemas cemas.
and that was also the time i realized the lamp is not properly switched on.
i dunno actually what i switched, but, i think the police didnt realize it, thank god.
now imagine a clumsy-pucat-driver, who didnt bring the lesen :(
pak polisi pastinya dpt mengagak aku pucat lesi time tuh.
but, thank god sekali lagi, x kene tahan :((

aku serik.

b came home, puking the throat out.
a & c laughed like mad selama berhari2.

i have never, ever, had a friend who berhenti tepi jalan nak terkencing.

that was rather, a memorable weekend.

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Monday, December 7, 2015

++the one with the tinted window

i've recently tinted my car. on saturday precisely.
and the mechanic advised me, not to wind all the car windows down for about a week.

so, yesterday, while heading back to SL (from PD), i slept all the way.
when we reached seremban's toll, ABC wind down the driver's window to touch the tng card.
yg peliknya, aku yg tido siap berdengkor bagai, boleh lak terjaga kat sini..
i saw him winding down, so i screamed.
"awak! kenape awak turunkan cermin!"
boy, was he shocked!
semorg dlm kete ofkos tekujat lah kan.
and he was back at his senses.
"kenapa awak ni? aku tepokkk jugak dahi engkoo ni!!"

it was his car, we were in.
i was dreaming, cruising in my own car before the incident.
boleh nyeee aku terjaga dan terngigauuu psl kete aku!


pastu, aku sambung tido.


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Wednesday, December 2, 2015

++Inilah Nasibku - NICO

ini akan menimbulkan kemarahan pembaca tegar videl-kuchiki blogspot.

posting video. kihkihkih.

tp aku bosan dowh.

rase mcm nak demam dowh. tekak aku dah start sakit dan batuk nonstop.

bengang dgn ke fake an elizabeth tan dlm lagu setia.

sayang, lagu tu sedap kot.

aku suke eyza bahra. dan lagu cakerawala.

and aku hop hop hop terpergi ke video dibawah.

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Monday, November 23, 2015

++the who is envy

i am soooo full of envy.
someone close is on her way to iceland and might be capturing my super ultimate goal of a lifetime: to watch the aurora.
i felt sooooooooooo miskin now.

*perlahan lahan bukak lazada lagi*

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++the one who cried

it's been such a while since i last crying yg terhinggut hinggut esak esak meratap kind tuh.
until last night.
i dont normally did it in front of people.
still do.
so last night, something happened. aku tatau kenapa aku rase sedih sgt, aku nangis tp senyap je,
nangis yg diam, ngerti nggak?
sambil makan, air mata mengalir je tp mulut still kunyah nasik sampai licin.
maybe sbb ade org didepan dan disekeliling. aku tahan.

tp, sejurus selepas aku seorg diri dlm kereta, nah hamek kauuu,
aku meraungggg yg teresak2.
i totally broke down. rasa yg sgt helpless sengat lah.
fuh kalo dpt duduk kat hujung bukit dan menjerit sekuat hati, aku dah menjerit dah.
but still, melalak dlm kete tu pon dah buat aku rase sgt puassssssss

itu sahaja.

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Friday, November 20, 2015

++the one with recent issues

i've been meaning to write few issues bothering my mind as we speak.

1) same case like on the road, when u see a strictly unmoved condition when using an escalator, (when the person/car in front is also not moving), u stay the fncking calm. u dont get to honk the car in front, or in the escalator situation, u dont get to PUSH the person in front, no u dont!
cant u see it is not moving?
if u r that speedy, go use the staircase.
(well, of course unless no one standing in front of me, yes i can easily move to the side and give u way)

2) a guy who didnt eat pissed the hell outta me.
it didnt run well in my family i guess. ya, maybe that's why i am fat, but u r not fun.
bowring ok keluar dgn org diet. u r no fun, again! (emo)

3) car problem/s are my year 2015 major issues. the many number of times it broke down,were not only how much number that my heart brokes down, but also tripled, if not quadrapled.
simple example:
it went to workshop = 1) i cant move, 2) i am helpless 3) had to ask other's help 4) had to bertahan with other people's bullshitness, yada yada yada.
see, 1 issue leading to more than 4 stupid crankiness.

4) and then, there's this part of me feeling urghhhhhhhhh, i hate everybody. but then i have this one close circle of friends of mine who also hates everybody and we were like in a solidarity for hating everyone else except us. oh thaaaaank god sangat, aku x merengsa seseorg..

5) see, i've never talked or wrote about my stalker? yeap, i wont.
you know she/he existed, but ive never wrote about her. so pls keep it that way.


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Wednesday, November 11, 2015

++The one with telco

Its not so funny.
Most people who knows my line of work often mistaken me for holding the subscriber's data.
Which is, i am not.
Most recently was from a not so close relative.
He said he wanted to track down his anak angkat.
He has the number, so he wanted the address.
I told him i dont have the access to customer's database. Never had. I am not at the end user's line of work. I am the core. The network works.
He sounded displeased. Or so i thought.
Its not that i didnt want to help him.
But i cant.

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Monday, October 19, 2015

++the one with the tvseries

im back!!!
sadly, not from somewhere only we know, but, yaknow, from the long hiatus yg x berapa nak long pon.

apart from gluing myself watching anime "one piece" at the mo (still longggg way to go), i am also trying my best to finish all the leftovers of the tvseries that i've abandoned when i was nomading at SL since my car breakdown.
and apart from that "zaman berzaman tak abis abis tvseries yg walopon xde paedah utk ditonton tp tetap aku dlod dan layan jugak" tuh
(contoh tvseries lame yg still ditengok: greys anatomy, awkward, drop dead diva, californication, girls, chasing life, married, etc etc)
(tvseries yg bagi aku x lame ok: breaking bad (dah abis), game of thrones (season break), modern family, the big bang theory, orange is the new black (pon dah break), himym(dah abis), suits, homeland, 2 broke girls, friends (re-run), mr robot, OMG banyaknye!!!)
i am also currently hooked to the latest addition to the world of the tv-addict: that are: arrow, the flash, daredevil, gotham & mr robot.

and watching michael scofield and his bro back into the flash lately, and then the flash appeared in the arrow, and arrow appeared in the flash, etc etc, i was thinking, hnmm, why not they make a film combining all of the tvseries.
and i didnt meant the avengers kind.
or maybe, yes, that kind but plus everyone else.

like maybe, there's this family (the members are from modern family),
and when they go to the hospital, it is the crew from grey's anatomy,
and when they have legal issues, the lawyers are from suits & drop dead diva,
and then they need to investigate something, there comes the people from CSI ke,
and anak dia si alex berkawan with the girls from awkward,
and then there is a journalist from chasing life covering up the news on the investigations.
and the son have to go to jail and then became friend with yada yada yada...

and it is not the scary movie type. it is a serious drama like.
ya why not?

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Thursday, September 10, 2015

++the one piece

ive been busy watching the one piece
and i miss that little rascal above.
the way she always sneaked in between us
and kissed.

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Friday, September 4, 2015

++the one who mimpi kawen

malam tadi mimpi ngeri.
ni semua gara2 teringat kisah kawan aku ituh.
aku mimpi aku kawen! tp dgn lelaki yg langsung x kenal dan x cinta.
haaaamek ku. T________T
entah macamana dtgnya, tp, dia pon x cintaa aku.
wujud pula watak2 yg lain, juga x dikenali, bertaanya pada sang suami.
"kenapa dowh, kau pilih dia? nak kate lawa, x lawa ponnnn"
dia menyeringai menunjukkan barisan gigi sambil garu2 dagu.
"aku, hnm, entahla, aku kesian kot"
dan diorg tgk aku dari jauh, sambil gelak mengekek.

cibai lah. dlm mimpi pon org gelakkan aku hodoh.


yg sedih lagi, org kata (bukan aku kata), mimpi is the opposite of what's gonna happened.
oh, adakah aku takkan kawen?

wow. duduk dibirai katil menguis kain cadar sambil air mata meleleh perlahan.

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Thursday, September 3, 2015

++the one with family's arrangement

tiba2 aku teringat kisah kawan aku yg satu tu.
dia yg bercinta bagai nak rak dgn lelaki lain (jejaka A), tp dipaksarela berkahwin dgn lelaki lain.
it is not that she dont love the one she is supposed to marry, but, she loves the former bf more.
saat2 akhir bertelingkah dgn keluarga, setelah byknya ya amat ya, rintangan dan dugaan, dia akhirnya redha dan pasrah je.
sbb malas nak bertekak dan pertahankan cinta agung dia tuh.

its not helping that the former bf has alot of minus points in the family's eyes.

selepas itu aku mula kenal the now husband. dia. katakanlah jejaka B. baik juga orgnya.
from what i gather, he is also accepting her, not because she is his lover, but due to the family arrangement jugak. he is just mangsa. mcm tu. kesian, i pity him so much. sbb dia pon mcm takdela nak kawen sgt kan, tp terpakse kawen due to usia yg dah meningkat and family push gegila, tp lagi kesian bila dia dpt tau pompuan tu ade former bf yg dia sgt sgt syg, so, dia mcm trapped in a situation but trying to be husnuzon begitu.

aku tataula akhirnya aku kesian kat siapa, but she is my friend, a good friend, so i have to be on her side lah kan.
on the 1st few phase of that arrangement, my friend rebelled alot. (betol ke ni ejaan aku? lantakla)
i had to, once, help her lying to the parents & jejaka B too.
not that i enjoyed lying, but, being someone's 'A team' was kinda kinky that time.
aku ckp dia ade dgn aku, tp sebenanye dia keluar dgn jejaka A.
aku kesian sebenanye. ko syg orlen, ko kene kawen dgn orlen.
altho she didnt hate the future husband (jejaka B) pon, but, the heart wants what the heart wants kan.
and she kept asking me, what if i was in her shoes, what would i do.
i hesitated long enough to finally said that, i'll kill myself.
haha drama sungguh aku, bebuat mcm ade pilihan tp takdo sapo nak kat aku kan.

sehinggalah suatu hari, jeng jeng jeng....


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Monday, August 17, 2015

++the one with no car

it's been a week or 2.
i've been in an accident.
kochiku is still in coma state in the nearest possible bengkel to my home.
and i have to currently stay over at ABC's
with the brothers and sisters. and nieces.
and it's been a very tiring rides, everyday.
couldnt imagine myself being this disabled, yaknow, without the car.
the thought of buying a motorcycle has really top off of my emotional budgetary chart nowadays.
with my ever hoarding skills aside, the suggestion to go nomad to another house is also an issue.
you dont want to know.
it is really a frustrating one, my logistic problem.

last saturday, when visiting an aunt at the state south, that aunt asked me about what's the latest price for 'hantaran' back at my hometown.
i said i dunno. i dont even wanna know actually, because u see, i've accepted the fact that i'll never get married fosho.
and she, she didnt know that, so she asked again.
i said i dunno. i think it's the same like everyone else in KL.
she said, it's for me.
i said what???
i choked of course. the ketupat in me.
for who? your husband ke (soalan ku hanya didlm hati), but i went silent for a while.
i didnot ask anything. i went outside and eat alot of durians (kekonon mcm nak memabokkan diri kan).

she didnt say anything after that.

and my mind went on a trip the whole journey back.

with what had happened to my bestfriend's marriage, it is hard to tell.
trust is so over-rated.
sometimes u can trust someone with all your money, and someone who can be reliable to when u are in a deep debt, or trouble with accident, is not the same one u can trust with handling monogamy.
and sometimes, u can trust someone that will never break your heart, but u cannot trust him to take care of your belongings.
there will never be a perfect 'trustworthy' person.
and with another bestfriend of mine, handling 2 too many, wives of her now scandal, i said, wow, i rest my case.
i'm no more anti-polygamy for sure, but can i handle the deep rejection of being together when he is on duty with the 1st or 2nd or 3rd?
shit man.
this is such a whole new world i'm getting into.


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Monday, August 10, 2015


Sedikit waktu yang kau miliki
Luangkanlah untukku
Harap secepatnya datangi aku
S’kali ini ku mohon padamu
Ada yang ingin ku sampaikan

Hampa kesal dan amarah
S’luruhnya ada dibenakku
Tandai seketika
Hati yang tak terbalas
Oleh cintamu…

Kuingin marah, melampiaskan tapi kuhanyalah sendiri disini
Ingin kutunjukkan pada siapa saja yang ada
Bahwa hatiku kecewa…

Sedetik menunggumu disini, s’perti seharian
Berkali kulihat jam ditangan
Demi membunuh waktu
Tak kulihat tanda kehadiranmu
Yang semakin meyakiniku
Kau tak datang

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

++Photograph - Ed Sheeran (Boyce Avenue feat. Bea Miller)

++Craig David - 7 Days (Boyce Avenue acoustic cover)

fuhhh lagu ni pon bole jadi natsukashi. especially versi karim daud yg bebudak mmu buat tuh.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

++the one with money

some people spend money on luxury items
some on vacations
some on home decorations
some on vehicles
some on girls/entertainment
some on foods
some on self beauty
some on clothes
some on vape
some on children
some on charities

u do not get to condemn people who spend their money on something other than what u've always spend on. u can either choose or stfu.
or become rich. but not many people who r rich get to spend on all of the above.

choose wisely.

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Monday, July 13, 2015

++ Trip to Germany & Austria | Day 8&9 | from salzburg to munchen and back to frankfurt

Day8 - Austria | Back to Salzburg & Frankfurt
- basically more of the train & bus ride from salzburg to munich to frankfurt.
- i bought pasties & kakao milch at salzburg main hauptbanhof (5euros)
- also tapau halal kebab at the same station for lunch (3.80euros)(the cafe located at the outdoor row of the train station, facing the town (not facing the bus station))
- take bus to munchen (using bavarian all day pass)(14euros)
- from munchen main hbf, we booked flixbus to frankfurt for a price of 15euros each
- dinner bought at halal shop at the street near the main hbf (5euros)
- overnight at Frankfurt 5thelement hotel (20euros perperson pernight)
Day9 - Germany | Around Frankfurt  (back)
- from hotel, we walked to the main hbf and took underground to the airport terminal1 (4.55euros)
- from airport terminal1 to terminal2, we took the connecting train (free)
- managed to do lastminutes shopping at the duty free shops at the airport
- flight 13hours + 3hours in HCM + 2hours back to malaysia
Day10 back in Malaysia.
fetched by AB, back to d4mans4ra.
that's all folks!~
pictures: of kos

my breakfast

on my way to fetch my small bag from the post office

the halal restaurant at the outside-attached-to the main train station of salzburg.

the bavarian train pass

bought few chocs mostly of mozart's & giotto kind at the station

bus ride (flixbus) from munchen to frankfurt.

what i love most about the flixbus is that they give free wifi and power socket. love it!!!

some amazeng views on the journey towards frankfurt

who said there's no traffic jams in europe?
we were stuck for almost an hour or 2.

ate the halal kebab in the bus.

arrived at frankfurt and checked in at the 5thelements hostel frankfurt.

this is some street we got here. i was feeling kinda a mob, wearing wigs of colourful theme. duh.

and we came at the 'bederet kedai halal' street 

my rindswurst


what inside our room looks like that morning, mostly because of ASU :p

train ticket to the airport

my very big backpack. thanx to MMTK for lending me her's. i lap yuh muah.


bought this godiva chocs for a seriously cheap price. (according to ASU)

and these choc liqueurs =p

this was at the stopover at hochiminh. the chivas size bigger than my leg. wow.

one of the inflight moslem-meals

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Wednesday, July 8, 2015

++ Trip to Germany & Austria | Day 7 | Krippenstein, Dachstein, Obertraun, Austria

Day7 - Austria | Around Obertraun & Dachstein
- breakfast were being provided by the hotel. we had juice, kakao milch, breads, eggs, croissant. everything nice. and homey. and cozy.
- from hallstatt main bus station, took BUS TO OBERTRAUN (2euros)
- Dachstein krippenstein (entry for icecave, cable car ride, up to 5fingers 39.90euros)
- take cable car to 1st station, then walk to ice cave (the journey from the station to the cave is quite far and mendaki)
- ice cave
- lunch at that icecave station, (eriebnisrestaurant) a cafe beside the station. spaghetty salmon 11.90. very delicious.
- continue take cable car to the next station: bergstation krippenstein
- walk to 5fingers (quite far ni)
- OBERTRAUN - BAD ISCL (4.70euro)
- BUS BAD ISCHL - SALZBURG (10.40euro)
- arrived in salzburg. check in hostel, and wandering around. we had the original sacher torte at sacher hotel.
- overnight at Salzburg YOHO international youth hostel (32.60 perperson pernite)

*as mentioned previously, in the opening speech, i left my small bag of change for the night at hallstatt on the bus, so, i had to wear the same outfit today. huhuhu...
The High Krippenstein is a 2,108 m high, popular scenic mountain on the northern edge of the Dachstein mountain range in Upper Austria . It has the shape of a double summit : precedes the
High Krippenstein is 500 meters from a very rocky summit of 2,034 m, the so-called a transmission tower and carrying Pioneer Cross.. Not far from the main summit is a mountain chapel.
The limestone massif of the Krippenstein rises directly above the Lake Hallstatt (508 m), making a total of 1600 meters above the lake.

Dachstein Salzkammergut
The Dachstein Mountains is a mountain range in the Alps , as a collective term of the Alpine Club classification of the Eastern Alps
Dachstein Salzkammergut consists of a series of mighty peaks ranging from 2,000-3,000 meters in height, the highest being the 2,995-meter Hoher Dachstein. Popular in winter for its skiing and in summer for its hiking, the mountains are famous for their large (yet shrinking) glaciers, including the Grosse-Gosau and the Hallstätter glaciers.

Rieseneishöhle-(ice cave):
Highlights include the Giant Ice Cave (Rieseneishöhle) with its many great caverns and magnificent frozen waterfalls (try to visit during one of its regular underground music concerts), and the Mammoth Cave (Mammuthöhle) consisting of huge pipe-shaped galleries formed by an ancient underground river (guided tours last one-and-a-half hours). It contains 13,000 cubic meters of ice at 5,000 m² surface. In some parts of the cave, such as in Tristandom, the ice thickness reaches 20 m. pollen analyzes suggest an age of ice of about 500 years.

Hoher Krippenstein
From the Dachstein Caves, the cableway continues to the upper station, Berghaus Krippenstein, on the 2,109-meter Hoher Krippenstein. Fifteen minutes' climb above the cableway stands a small chapel built in 1959 with a bell commemorating a group of 13 students and teachers who died here in 1954.
Highlights of this ascent include the wonderful Welterbespirale, a spectacular viewing platform resembling a metallic ship that offers incredible panoramic views over the Dachstein mountains (comfortable sun lounges encourage you to linger).
Afterwards, it's an easy hike back to the 5fingers viewing platform, or one spend time exploring the Heilbronn Circular Trail.

Other highlights are the 5fingers viewing platform with its vistas of the Alps from a platform jutting out of the rock face over a 400-meter drop.
i dont remember whr did i save this map from, but,
if u look carefully, we took a bus from hallstatt to obertraun up to the krippenstein station.
at that station, we bought the ticket for the cable car ride to the peak of hoher krippenstein where 5fingers is located, plus icecacve entry pass (1st station) after embark.
breakfast at the hotel. spectacular view kan. in love! if i have money and rich, and a husband (ofcourse), i would want us to spend the rest of our old age here, in hallstatt. seriously.

playing with the goose. lah sgt. takot sebenanya.

with the owner of this beautiful/cozy house haus sarstein. fully recommended.
began strolling towards the bus station. and it was a beautiful weather unlike yesterday. it was sunny and not raining. i wish i could stay longer.

again at the main market hallstatt village

a view of the busstop. busstop pon comes with breathtaking view. nangis kan:(

bus ride towards obertraun.

cable car ride up to hoher krippenstein

the 1st station, from here, we have to walk around 45mins to the ice cave. and it was un uphill journey. lutut ada sakit oh.

this view at the front door of the ice cave.

inside the ice cave:

the waterfall turned into ice during winter and restored.

outside the ice cave

back to the cable car station.

we had our lunch here at the restaurant beside the 1st station.
i had a delicious salmon spag.

ASU had some sort of macaroni and cheese and sacher torte..
and then we took the cable car to the next station where the 5fingers is.

at the next station. from here we have to walk another 45mins (for my slow pace) to the 5fingers.

shit! magnificent view. how can u not miss this view.

the famous and world heritage 5fingers.

back to the cable car station.

and going down...

at bad ischl

bad ischl town

some views from the bus, the journey towards salzburg.

 i had a fierce neighbour here.

this is somewhere in st wolfgang. beautiful place, i wish i can stop here.

arrived in salzburg and walk towards our hostel.

i left my small be in the bus yesterday on the way to hallstatt, and here is the address of the location of my bag now. huhuhu.
our 4-bed-room
we went to have sacher torte at sacher hotel

the famous sacher torte

cheese pancake
at mirabell garden

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++ Trip to Germany & Austria | opening speech :
++ Trip to Germany & Austria | Costing & itineraries :
++ Trip to Germany & Austria | Day 1 at Frankfurt, Germany:
++ Trip to Germany & Austria | Day 2 at Munich, Germany:
++ Trip to Germany & Austria | Day 3 at Fussen, Bavaria, Germany:
++ Trip to Germany & Austria | Day 4 at Berchtesgaden, Bavaria, Germany:
++ Trip to Germany & Austria | Day 5 to Salzburg, Austria:
++ Trip to Germany & Austria | Day 6 at Hallstatt, Austria:
++ Trip to Germany & Austria | Day 7 | Krippenstein, Dachstein, Obertraun, Austria

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