Monday, July 13, 2015

++ Trip to Germany & Austria | Day 8&9 | from salzburg to munchen and back to frankfurt

Day8 - Austria | Back to Salzburg & Frankfurt
- basically more of the train & bus ride from salzburg to munich to frankfurt.
- i bought pasties & kakao milch at salzburg main hauptbanhof (5euros)
- also tapau halal kebab at the same station for lunch (3.80euros)(the cafe located at the outdoor row of the train station, facing the town (not facing the bus station))
- take bus to munchen (using bavarian all day pass)(14euros)
- from munchen main hbf, we booked flixbus to frankfurt for a price of 15euros each
- dinner bought at halal shop at the street near the main hbf (5euros)
- overnight at Frankfurt 5thelement hotel (20euros perperson pernight)
Day9 - Germany | Around Frankfurt  (back)
- from hotel, we walked to the main hbf and took underground to the airport terminal1 (4.55euros)
- from airport terminal1 to terminal2, we took the connecting train (free)
- managed to do lastminutes shopping at the duty free shops at the airport
- flight 13hours + 3hours in HCM + 2hours back to malaysia
Day10 back in Malaysia.
fetched by AB, back to d4mans4ra.
that's all folks!~
pictures: of kos

my breakfast

on my way to fetch my small bag from the post office

the halal restaurant at the outside-attached-to the main train station of salzburg.

the bavarian train pass

bought few chocs mostly of mozart's & giotto kind at the station

bus ride (flixbus) from munchen to frankfurt.

what i love most about the flixbus is that they give free wifi and power socket. love it!!!

some amazeng views on the journey towards frankfurt

who said there's no traffic jams in europe?
we were stuck for almost an hour or 2.

ate the halal kebab in the bus.

arrived at frankfurt and checked in at the 5thelements hostel frankfurt.

this is some street we got here. i was feeling kinda a mob, wearing wigs of colourful theme. duh.

and we came at the 'bederet kedai halal' street 

my rindswurst


what inside our room looks like that morning, mostly because of ASU :p

train ticket to the airport

my very big backpack. thanx to MMTK for lending me her's. i lap yuh muah.


bought this godiva chocs for a seriously cheap price. (according to ASU)

and these choc liqueurs =p

this was at the stopover at hochiminh. the chivas size bigger than my leg. wow.

one of the inflight moslem-meals

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