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++ Trip to Germany & Austria | Day 6 at Hallstatt, Austria

Day6 - Austria | Around Hallstatt
- from salsburg YOHO youth hostel, walk to the main train station
- BREAKFAST: KAKAOMILCH & apple pie (3-4euros) bought at salzburg trainstation
- take BUS TO BAD ISCHL -  (10.40euros)
Salzburg > Bad Ischl (Bus 150): Bus #150 (Salzburg>Bad Ischl) leaves the main train station in Salzburg and arrives in Bad Ischl 90 minutes later.  We suggest getting the earliest departure time possible (typically 7am)
- at bad ischl, take TRAIN BAD ISCHL->HALLSTATT (4.10euro)
at bad ischl train station, take train to Hallstatt, will take 25 minutes.
- FERRY HALLSTATT (2.50euro)
train to Hallstatt actually drops you off across the lake from town and you need to take a ferry across the lake to get to town.  On the bright side, the ferry's schedule matches up to meet incoming trains and offers amazing coastal views of Hallstatt.
- wandering around hallstatt (a small town)
- took cable car ride (7euros) to the world heritage skywalk on top of the mountain over Hallstatt (u can opt to go down the mountain by cable car, or walk, i chose the latter, i thought it will be a simple one, but i was wrong, it took me an hour down :( ponekkkkk but the view was spectacular and worth every kilocalories i burned :p, except that it was raining that day, so sad:( huhu)
- overnight in Hallstatt Haus sarstein (45euros pernite perperson)

Hallstatt, Upper Austria, is a village in the Salzkammergut, a region in Austria. It is located near the Hallstätter See (a lake). At the 2001 census, it had 946 inhabitants. Alexander Scheutz has been mayor of Hallstatt since 2009.
Hallstatt is known for its production of salt, dating back to prehistoric times, and gave its name to the Hallstatt culture, a culture often linked to Celtic, Proto-Celtic, and pre-Illyrian peoples in Early Iron Age Europe, c.800–450 BC. Some of the earliest archaeological evidence for the Celts was found in Hallstatt.

Lake Hallstatt or Hallstätter See 
is a lake in the Salzkammergut, Austria, located at 47°34'43?N 13°39'38?E. Its surface is approximately 8.55 km² and its maximum depth is 125 metres. It is a popular destination for tourists, especially scuba divers.
The Hallstätter See, a spectacular mountain lake in Austria's Salzkammergut region, lies at the northern foot of the mighty Dachstein mountain range. Some eight-and-a-half kilometers long and between one to two kilometers wide, the lake is up to 125 meters deep and is surrounded by steep wooded slopes that give it a fjord-like character. Of the lovely villages that dot its shoreline, the most popular are Obertraun, Steeg, and Hallstatt with its old church and market square. The Hallstätter See is the most significant lake in the Alps in terms of history, and thanks to its many easily accessible beaches and stunning mountain scenery it has long been a draw for artists and outdoor enthusiasts, as well as those simply wanting some peace and quiet.

Popular activities include fishing, diving, and boating on traditional flat-bottomed boats called Salzkammergut. The lake is also ringed by many excellent biking and hiking trails, some of which head up into the surrounding mountains. It's also home to a variety of diverse flora and fauna, including many rare species in the wetlands and moors in the south and north, including native orchids, waterfowl, and fish.

The little market village of Hallstatt 
one of the most attractive places in the Salzkammergut, is idyllically positioned on the southwest shore of the Hallstätter See. Taking its name from the nearby salt mine, the village is home to a variety of attractions, including the 15th-century Roman Catholic Ascension of Our Lady Church with its Romanesque tower, three fine winged altars, Late Gothic frescos from around 1500, and the fascinating Bone House with its collection of old skulls stored here due to a lack of space in the church cemetery. Also of note is the 18th-century Evangelical Church of Hallstatt with its slender spire. One of the most famous views of the old village is from the popular Photo Point in the Römisches district, just a short walk away from the historic Market Square. Here, you'll find many other great reasons to stop, from its excellent terraced cafés and shops to the elegant Holy Trinity statue.

Hallstatt Salt World :
Really a number of excellent attractions in one, Hallstatt Salt World lies high above the town on the 1,030-meter-tall Salzberg (Salt Mountain). Accessible by cable car or a three-minute journey aboard the funicular railway, it's well worth visiting for the wonderful views from historic Rudolf's Tower (Rudolfsturm), an old fortification built to defend the mines against invaders (now a restaurant and observation tower). Visitors should also check out the Skywalk, an incredible viewing platform extending over a sheer drop with Hallstatt 350 meters directly below. The star attraction, however, is the 7,000-year-old salt mine itself. Highlights include the story of the preserved corpse found here in 1734 known as the Man in Salt, along with fascinating displays of ancient (and modern) mining methods, and a chance to visit the Subterranean Salt Lake. Kids of all ages will want to whizz down the 64-meter-long Mega-slide, Europe's longest wooden slide (all of it underground).

The World Heritage Museum
Hallstatt is home to the World Heritage Museum (Welterbemuseum Hallstatt) with its displays dealing with the rich history of both the village and its surroundings over the past seven millennia, from the earliest days of its salt mines to its UNESCO World Heritage Site status. Other exhibits deal with later settlers such as the Celts, while the Studio of Epochs is a hands-on multi-media display of tools and artifacts from the village's history. Hallstatt's other museum, the Prehistoric Necropolis, is built over an ancient burial ground and provides an up-close look at ancient burial places dating back between 5000 BC and 1000 BC (more than 4,000 people were known to have been buried here) along with artifacts, including grave furnishings from the Iron Age.

*sources: wikipedia & http://www.planetware.com/upper-austria/hallstatter-see-hallstatt-a-o-halls.htmtry


my apple pie for breakfast

with kakao milch

bus ticket from salzburg to bad ischl. 10.40euro perperson, oneway.
at Bad Ischl Main Bus/Train Station.

train ticket from Bad Ischl to Hallstatt

train journey towards hallstat. exciting.

at hallstatt train station.

this way to take the ferry to the hallstatt main town

ferry jetty

view of hallstatt main town from ferry

now, arrived at hallstatt town/village.

our stay. the kitchen pathway to the lake. very very very beautiful scenary

after checking in, i began strolling around the village. it is not that big, so it's possible to walk from one end to another.ASU opted to go to the 3hours walk waterfall area, i didnot. i only went to the cable car station to go to the mountain of the world heritage sky-walk and walked down via the zigzag pathway.

the little market village of hallstatt

ticket for the cable car ride to the skywalk. 7euros. oneway.

view of hallstatt village from top


the world heritage sky-walk. on top of hallstatt.

eeeeeeeeeeeeeee pacattttttttttttttttttt

the zigzag pathway down back to the village

if u can see, the zigzag pathway downhill.

an old salt mine train ends here.


a waterfall on the way down.

eeeeeeeeeeeeeee cacingggggggggg

almost there....

the world heritage hallstatt museum

beautiful daisy

water station

cant get enough of this view. apparently.

our hotel. haus sarstein

our room. super cozy!!!! love it!

having maggi mee for dinner that day. haha. miskin.


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