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++ Trip to Germany & Austria | Day 1 at Frankfurt, Germany

fuhhh. this vacation took a long time for me to write an entry.
not because i have no idea, but because i have a lot of ideas flowing in my mind while travelling but getting the writer's block..
kdg2, aku rase mcm ade baiknya i blog while i am travelling, but of course, who got time to blog while travelling, kan? dah dpt wifi of kos sibuk nak reply all the whatsapp messages, nak upload gambo la ape la, nak reply insta comments, fb comments, cek email, blablabla. lepas tu penat gila x saba2 nak tido ke mandi ke makan ke.

as depicted in previous entry, we departed on 30thmay from KLIA to Frankfurt. the journey took about 17hours, with around 2hours lay off time at Hanoi International Airport.
we arrived at Frankfurt International Airport at around 7am the next day, germany time.
we only spend the whole day at Frankfurt town only, literally.

below are the things we do/see that day:
Day1 - Germany | Around Frankfurt
-flight arrival at Terminal2, took bus to Terminal 1 for train to Frankfurt main train station (hauptbahnhof)
-train from frankfurt airport Terminal1 to Hauptbahnhof (4.55euro)
-frankfurt Hauptbahnhof (put luggage at locker 2.50euro)
-banking district (Eurotower)
-nizza plaza (a park stretch alongside with the frankfurt main river)
-st leonhard
-eiserner steg
-romerberg square
-Zeilgalerie-galleria lafayette
-Hauptwache & the Main Guard
-Lunch: Handgeschlachtet HALF CHICKEN & ICED LEMON TEA IN CAN (4.60euro)
-frankfurt main tower (6.50euro)
-take train to munich (24.50euro)
-overnight at Munich Euro Youth Hotel (24.50euro pernight perperson, we stayed here for 2nights, so, 49euro perperson)

public toilet in frankfurt is a bitch, the ones at the hauptbahnhof are 1euro per entry and we did try to find one at the mall, but also not free, 75sen per entry. duh! bowring!~
some important points:
Eiserner Steg:
The hundred year old Iron Eiserner Steg Bridge. At first glance it looked unlike the many other bridges crossing the river Main. But as u walked along u'll noticed one, two, ten, fifty and hundreds of engraved locks all over this bridge! and on closer inspection u'll realised these locks were put there by lovers as part of some sort of a promise or a wish of eternal love. The locks were of all different shapes, sizes and colour. And all of them had been engraved with the names of the lovers and the date. It is customary to throw the key away to complete the ritual.

we can also see st bartholomew's cathederal from here.

Romerberg Square:
The Römerberg (lit., "Roman Mountain") is the historic heart of Frankfurt, Germany, and since the High Middle Ages the centre of the Altstadt (old town). The area's buildings include the city hall, the Römer.[1] n Old St Nicholas Church in Römerberg, Frankfurt.

Zeilgalerie-galleria lafayette,:
A special attraction is the viewing platform on the roof of the Zeilgalerie. From here, visitors have an impressive view over the skyscrapers and the entire city to the Taunus mountains.

Hauptwache & the Main Guard:
In the middle of the city and undoubtedly one of Frankfurt's busiest pedestrian areas, the Hauptwache - literally translated, the Main Guard - is famous for its mix of fine old historic buildings and newer modern structures. Near to the Zeil, the Hauptwache is on every tourist visit list. Though its a tiny watch tower, but the nearby places are of significance. The most notable building here is the old Baroque Guard House after which the square is named. Built in 1730, it once housed the city's militia, a prison, and later, a police station, and now serves as a café. The square itself is one of Frankfurt's main shopping areas, complete with a large underground mall. It's also the point from which the city's main shopping and commercial streets radiate: the pedestrian-friendly Zeil heads east, and Kaiserstrasse, with many places of entertainment in its side streets, runs southwest by way of the Rossmarkt and Kaiserplatz to the city's main train station, the Hauptbahnhof, built in 1888 and one of the largest stations in Europe.

Frankfurt main tower:
Main Tower is a 56-storey, 200 m (656 ft) skyscraper in the Innenstadt district of Frankfurt, Germany. It is named after the nearby Main river. The building is 240 m (787 ft) when its antenna spire is included. The tower has five underground floors and two public viewing platforms. It is the only skyscraper in Frankfurt with a public viewing observatory. It is the 4th tallest building in Frankfurt and the 4th tallest in Germany, tied with Tower 185.

my bags. a big backpack that is. huhu. menyesal! sakit belakang!!!

KLIA. beautiful KLIA.

sempat membeli neck pillow diatas pengaruh rakan sebaya (read : ASU)

our in-flight meal. one of. udang je aku bole telan, nasi dia yg alala brown sticky rice tuh, urghhh, x sodap. nasebaik dah belasah kepsi kat airport.

in the bus connecting from terminal 2 to terminal 1. (our flight touch down at terminal 2).
met this girl, a nice german.

took a train from Terminal 1 to the Main Train Station (Hauptbahnhof). 4.55euros.

at the Hauptbahnhof

from the Hauptbahnhof main entrance, walk north towards the eurotower.

us, infront of the Eurotower at the Banking district.
gambo sabo. haha.

walk walk until the nizza park, a park stretch along the frankfurt main river.

st leonhard church.

Frankfurt art museum.

us on the eiserner steg.

love locks.

cinta adam dan adam. hehe.

we can see the st bartholomew's cathederal from here.

at the romerberg square

the romer at the romerberg square

the old st nicholas church

a demo was happening on that day. dunno about what.

and then we found this zeil galerie. we can view the entire city of frankfurt from the rooftop of this mall.

a david & goliath arch infront of the zeil Galerie.

Katharinenkirche church.

the Main Guard at Hauptwache

the opera house in Frankfurt.

a stretch of halal restaurants near the Hauptbahnhof.

had lunch here. whole chicken were at 6euros only.

and then, we walked towards the Main tower.

on top of the Frankfurt Main Tower. price is 6.50euros to go up.

at the frankfurt tower
a view from top

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