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++ Trip to Germany & Austria | Day 4 at Berchtesgaden, Bavaria, Germany

Day4 - Germany | Around Berchtesgaden
- breakfast bread (and woodstick pretzel & bun)(1.25euros)
- bought some breads for the trip (3-4euro)
- take bus to konigssee (bus ride was free using visitors passes given by our hostel receptionist)(Whether it's Bus 841 to Königssee, Bus 838 to the Documentation Center & Eagles Nest, or Bus 846 to Ramsau everything is very easy to get to.)
- konigssee lake (a pass for boat ride from konigsee until salet + jennerbahn 35euro perperson)
- st bartholoma stop & watzmann
- LUNCH: FISCH VERKAUF at st bartholoma (plus hot choc 11.50euro perperson)(During the summer, they serve fresh and smoked trout and whitefish, pulled from right the lake)
- salet stop
- obersee lake
- jennerbahn
- take bus back to berchtesgaden & overnight at KS hostel in Berchtesgaden
The Königssee
is a natural lake in the extreme southeast Berchtesgadener Land district of the German state of Bavaria, near the Austrian border. Most of the lake is within the Berchtesgaden National Park.
Situated within the Berchtesgaden Alps in the municipality of Schönau am Königsee, just south of Berchtesgaden and the Austrian city of Salzburg, the Königssee is Germany's third deepest lake. Located at a Jurassic rift, it was formed by glaciers during the last ice age. It stretches about 7.7 km (4.8 mi) in the north-south direction and is about 1.7 km (1.1 mi) across at its widest point.

On boat tours, it has become traditional to stop and play a flugelhorn or trumpet to demonstrate the echo. Formerly demonstrated by shooting a cannon, it can be heard to reverberate up to seven times. The trumpeter plays along with the returning sounds so it sounds like as many as seven players.

St. Bartholomä
a famous pilgrimage church with an inn nearby, is located on a peninsula about halfway down the western lake shore. The small Christlieger island is located near its northern end.

Obersee lake
Enjoy gorgeous views of the mountains reflected in the mirror-like surface, and the tall Röthbach waterfall. South of the Königssee, separated by the Salet moraine, is the smaller Obersee lake with the 470 m (1,540 ft) high Röthbach waterfall. As there is no lakeside path on the steep shore of the Königssee, St. Bartholomä and the southern edge can only be reached by boat or via hiking trails up the surrounding mountains—except for harsh winters, when the lake freezes over.
Stepping on the ice, however, can be fatal, as it was for a motorist in the winter of 1964, who on his way back from St. Bartholomä drowned in his VW Beetle. The car was not detected until 1997 at a depth of about 100 m (330 ft).

MOUNT JENNER - Jennerbahn Cable Car (1,874m / 6,150ft)
the highest gateway for visitors into the Berchtesgaden National Park. Attractive two-person gondolas sail up from the Königssee valley below into brilliant sunlight, dipping over dark forests and rugged cliffs along the way. Soar up to a 1,802 meter high plateau - right in the middle of spectacular mountain landscapes on the site where the Bavarian poet Ludwig Ganghofer once said "He, whom God loves, is dropped into this Land!" No wonder: blessed with a panorama of more than 100 German and Austrian mountain peaks it is a spectacle indeed!
Hang-gliders and paragliders take off from here into the lofty heights. Whether relaxing in a lounge chair or taking part in challenging and exciting sport: The Jenner mountain can fulfill every wish - in summer as well as in winter!
For those for whom simply admiring the view is not enough, over a dozen hiking trails with various levels of difficulty begin here and invite you to see some of the most beautiful areas in the German Alps.


the bery breathtaking view from our room that morning...

our hostel, located right above the burger king, and right beside the train/bus station. very comfy yet accessible easily.

berchtesgaden train station

morning breakfast.

i bought this one.

that free bus pass for visitors from the hostel we stayed in.

at konigssee

our konigssee-stbartholoma-salet-jennerbahn day pass. 35euro each.

inside the boat ride to st bhartoloma and salet port.

amazing view and scenery

On boat tours, it has become traditional to stop and play a flugelhorn or trumpet to demonstrate the echo. Formerly demonstrated by shooting a cannon, it can be heard to reverberate up to seven times. The trumpeter plays along with the returning sounds so it sounds like as many as seven players.

a stop for hikers here.

st bartholoma port. 1st stop.

i cried upon watching the clear water lake. felt like swimming down for a bit but boy was the water cold.

ASU's obsession towards wood. haha. she looks like a little red riding hood in the wood. felt like singing 'into the woods, into the woods"

what my future looks like if i were to live and die here. fuh. i wish.

our lunch. smoked trout fish & white skin fish (i think, not sure about the name tho). very very delicious!

the fish meat can easily be pulled out from the bones.

waiting for the boat to salet pulak..

salet port. follow this pathway towards the obersee lake, a smaller lake.

the oberseelake! a much beautiful lake than the big one. oh my! i cant take my eyes off of you.

the lake is like a mirror.

going back to main boat station at konigssee

from that boat station, we can walk to the jennerbahn station, or take bus. but we walk.

we didnot explore much up here due to limited time (nearly 430pm the last cable car ride down that time). people said we can see breathtaking konigssee & obersee lake view from top.

ice cream. who doesnt like ice cream.

2nd icecream for the day.

cute big dog.

wow very canggih cigarette vending machine

writing postcard to myself.

a choc liq for AB.

back to berchtesgaden. look at the clear blue water river. fuhhhhhhhh

inside our hostel

an evening in berchtesgaden. ASU hilang at this time, wandering around the town, i had to go back to hostel to perform zuhr+asr prayer.

pictures below were taken at konigssee, forgot to put up.

gp imah

haha perangai! percubaan melombat sambil ber go pro.

i think i fell down (real hard) after taking this picture ahahahahah. mcm nagka busuk weh. lepastu, i was sitting there, tidak berjaya begerak sbb berat sgt.

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