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++ Trip to Germany & Austria | Costing & itineraries

halo there.
as usual, i was not the one bringing and planing up the overall itineraries with costing for the whole trip,
but, i am the kind who likes to do research about the place we went (&the damages done) throughout, afterwards.
or more like, where the hell did i spent my money on?
why so little left?
and whyyyyyy, why was my bag so heavy??? why can't i buy anymore tshirts and souvenirs and all.

begitulah kalo dah #villagepeople. miskin with that trouble of being too ignorant to save money beforehand.
i had to borrow some ahlong 's money (i hope he wont read up my bullshits here) and i think about a little from ASU. i dunno how much yet, she has yet to come out with the final figure of how much i did owe her.

as mostly knew, we bought the ticket for only rm1979.23.
i meant, wowww kan! i got the return flight ticket to Frankfurt for only 2k. murah shiallll!
i was with this thin line of hoping to be very very far away from here. (malaysia now)
ireland came to mind, croatia too, and germany too. when i first checked the online ticketing websites (yeah, plural), the minimum i got was within rm2500. that was quite cheap you know.
but then, one day, as i was trying my luck again, there it was, price dropped to below rm2k!
and the rest was history. gittew. (padahal sbb dah maleh)

at first ASU gave me the honor to plan the itineraries, and i was like copying the whole kakiberangan's itineraries from his blog but only managed to do day1 (oh wow doing planning was such a migraine ya'wlllll!!!), and i think ASU got fedup with my boring plan and she ripped them up and came with this whole new different plans from mine, and i was like, i likeeee it (mostly because i am too lazy to read up or plan up or anything), but thank to her, everything went quite so well (except about the train (strike) tragedy). and everything were so beautiful and captivating and i was soo sooo moved by all the magnificent beautiful sceneries especially the ones in berchtesgaden & hallstatt.
or maybe because i love the weather, can't really imagine if it was hot like here. heheh.

man, that was alot of nagging up there, huh.

anyways, again, above is (more or less) the total costing (INCLUDING the flight ticket price) of this trip. so, if i deduct my flight ticket, the total is roughly around rm3265.
(there are few more items missing that i have yet to received from ASU, but i'll add in later on)
(**i discounted the rate at 1euro = rm4 for this costing, actually got it at 3.97 at k1s3ntral & AB got 3.955 at m3nara m4yb4nk. & few online transactions by ASU are as per cc's rate at around 4.2)

and below are the whole itineraries:
Day1 - Germany
Around Frankfurt
- eiserner steg, banking district, romerberg square, galleria lafayette, frankfurt main tower
- take train to munich
- overnight at Munich Euro Youth Hotel

Day2 - Germany
Around Munich (Munchen)
- marienplatz, glockenspiel, allianz arena, Technology University of Munich giant slider, BMW weld, Olympic stadium
- overnight at Munich Euro Youth Hotel

Day3 - Germany
Around Fussen
- Hohenschwangau Castle, Neuschwanstein Castle, Marienbrucke
- back to munich, and then took tra
- overnight at KS hostel in Berchtesgaden

Day4 - Germany
Around Berchtesgaden
- konigssee lake, salet & obersee lake, jennerbahn
- overnight at KS hostel in Berchtesgaden

Day5 - Austria
Around Salzburg (sound of music)
- salt mine in berchtesgaden
- salzburg sound of music tour (i'll list the name of the places in different entry), hohensalzburg fortress
- overnight at Salzburg YOHO international youth hostel

Day6 - Austria
Around Hallstatt
- exactly around hallstatt (a small town), & also the world heritage skywalk on top.
- overnight in Hallstatt Haus sarstein

Day7 - Austria
Around Obertraun & Dachstein
Dachstein krippenstein, ice cave, 5fingers, sacher torte
- overnight at Salzburg YOHO international youth hostel

Day8 - Austria
Back to Salzburg & Frankfurt
- basically more of the train & bus ride from salzburg to munich to frankfurt.
- overnight at Frankfurt 5thelement hotel.

Day9 - Germany
Around Frankfurt  (back)
- flight 13hours + 3hours in HCM + 2hours back to malaysia

Day10 back in Malaysia.

thank god AB picked me up at the airport, the thought of losing my mind over carrying the big backpack along with the side bags scared the shit outta me. he came in like a prince charming gittew.
serious! i cant imagine how i'll cry walking towards ERL station in tbs and towards the carpark and carrying bags up to my place. huhu.

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