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++ Trip to Germany & Austria | opening speech (lah sangat)

hi indeed!
ASU's actual plan was from
Frankfurt -- Munich (munchen) -- Fussen (neuschwanstein & hohenschwangau Castle) -- Berchtesgaden (konigsse & salet & jennerbahn) -- Salzburg -- Hallstatt -- obertraun (krippenstein) - attnang -- Vienna (wien) -- back to Frankfurt (by night train, bed bunks, 8hours)

but, we received the bad news when we were in berchtesgaden, that, germany's train drivers are doing a strike and wont be driving during the 1 week period strike. pfffttttt sangat kan!

read here: http://www.bbc.com/news/business-32578960

so, our train from attnang to vienna (wien) & also from vienna (wien) back to Frankfurt have been cancelled. ASU bought it earlier when we were still in malaysia of course, and we had no other options, than to cancell the trip to Vienna alltogether.

so, the iteneraries changed to:
Frankfurt -- Munich (munchen) -- Fussen (neuschwanstein & hohenschwangau Castle) -- Berchtesgaden (konigsse & salet & jennerbahn) -- Salzburg -- Hallstatt -- obertraun (krippenstein) -- back to Salzburg -- back to Munich (munchen) -- and back to Frankfurt (by bus, 5hours)

sangat rugi, because i was exppecting to see the hundertwasserhaus & the beautiful schonbrunn Palace in Vienna, huhu.
plus, the train ticket was bought earlier at a cheaper rate, so, if you check online for a last minutes ticket (if any), the price went 5times larger than that earlier one.
and so does all the flight ticket prices.
But, on the good side, we wont be tired pulling our luggage (or hunching it, in my case of a veryyy BIG backpack settling) all the way to hallstatt and vienna. We just left it at the hostel we stayed in Salzburg because we were returning to the same hostel after Hallstatt.
we brought only a set of pyjama for the night, and a set of changes for the next day.
and then, the bad news came again.
i left my tiny pack of that 1night stay apparels on the bus.
so i had to wear he same clothes from salzburg to hallstatt (an overnight stay) and the next day back to salzburg.
nasebaik negara anda sejuk, i swear i didnt smell bad. hehe.

i havent drafted our final costs & total spendings yet, so for now, here are few sneak peek of the trip, from my instagram: www.instagram.com/videlcute

(sneak peek lah sangat, 7pages kot hehe)

*IM- asyiko ulangkaji (ASU)

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