Thursday, November 28, 2013

++Day 28 of 30T30D

Day 28 - 10 ways to win your heart
finally! a question that i like! hehehe
1- be wangi & clean & wangiiii. is it hard? to be just wangi? jgn kepam2 plis.
2- sing to me. or strum. sing pon dah cukup memadai, but with strum, i'll never let u go. i dont care if ur voice is not like JT or jason wade or anyone, as long as tak out of tunes sudeyyy...
3- or atleast, always like/suggest/forward to me great songs. at least i know we are on the same wavelength.
4- feeeeeeeeed me. i am fat liddat. no equation can ever justify this. i am not a materialistic type, a gift once in a while is forever lovable, but, if u r not rich, just feeeeeeed me. thats all im asking for.
5- but ofcourse, accepted me. accept the fact that i am lousy at diet & will never look down on food. accept the fact that i am fat. and kelamkabut. and nosy at times. and cengeng. and very very gedik. and many moreeeeeeee.
6- not shy to introduce me to his friends. vice versa.
7- tidak takbor/riak/menunjuk2. a very down to earth profile lah kirenye.
8- be exclusive. if u r a kind who always always updated fb statuses or insta or anything liddat, urgh, u simply an easy person. i mean its good that u r easy going with everyone but i prefer an exclusive types.
9- witty. who doesnt loves a witty person kan? jgn lah serious sgt all the time.
10- bright. (hehe like me ahahhahaha). jgn bodoh & lembab sgt. tapi x perlu genius sgt mcm si imah tuh. tihihi.

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++3D printing

Urgh i cant sleep
And all i can think about rite now is about the 3D printing technologies. Boleh tak????
I mean, i wonderr wehh how they did it. Do we have one that i can lean my hands on to in malaysia rite now?
I wanna touch it!!
And whats the mass used? Is it paper or plastic or what?
How do they did it?? Pawer siotttt

If i could change my profession now, i wanna be in the rnd team about the new technology. Any new tech.
Like how my former university are reasearching (with i think 5billion pounds grant) of the 5G technologies..i wanna be part of it!
Weiii 4G pon we hardly achieved weh!

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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

++Day 27 of 30T30D

Day 27 - Hand write your name. 

ate, cemane ke carenye? this one down here counts? my handwriting on my hand.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

++Afgan - Jodoh Pasti Bertemu | Official Video Clip

lagu yg dok terngiang2 kat kepala kitorg sume skrg nih.
bayangkan tgh borak2 chat2 watsap2 tetibe "jika akuuuuuuuuuu bukan jalanmuuuuuuuu"
"ku ber hentiiiii mengharapkanmuuuu"
(akan ade je org sambung)


Andai engkau tahu betapa ku mencinta
Selalu menjadikanmu isi dalam doaku
Ku tahu tak mudah menjadi yang kau pinta
Ku pasrahkan hatiku, takdir kan menjawabnya
Jika aku bukan jalanmu
Ku berhenti mengharapkanmu
Jika aku memang tercipta untukmu
Ku kan memilikimu, jodoh pasti bertemu
Andai engkau tahu betapa ku mencinta
Selalu menjadikanmu isi dalam doaku
Ku tahu tak mudah menjadi yang kau pinta
Ku pasrahkan hatiku, takdir kan menjawabnya
Jika aku bukan jalanmu
Ku berhenti mengharapkanmu
Jika aku memang tercipta untukmu
Ku kan memilikimu, jodoh pasti bertemu
Jika aku (jika aku) bukan jalanmu
Ku berhenti mengharapkanmu
Jika aku memang tercipta untukmu
Ku kan memilikimu

++Day 26 of 30T30D

Day 26 - What’s the meanest thing anyone has ever said to you?
someone told me that i am a typical malay girl who sit at home lipat baju while waiting for her husband to come back from his playfull hours. no, thats not the meanest, the meanest was when the words come from the husband himself.
yea, despite the fact that i am a lazy fat chick. lazy lazy pon tapi rajin lipat baju kotttt. pfffttt.
its just that i dont do chores around someone's house, sbb janggal/takot/segan/aku ocd tgk susunan org lain.
that one deserves another entry. about ocd.

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Monday, November 25, 2013

++Day 25 of 30T30D

Day 25 - A picture that makes you laugh
OH SOOO MANY! but this is the quickest one... gemok pendekkkkkkkkkkkkk
tapi comellllllllllllll dooooooooooooooo

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++MMMBop (Acoustic)

ohhhh loveeeeeeee
bak kate eja, masih suara serak budu ituh!

Sunday, November 24, 2013

++Day 24 of 30T30D

Day 24 - The month you were happiest this year and why
the year hasnt end yet but so far may 2013 was the best beause it was the month we went to korea.
great buddies are the best.

++Day 23 of 30T30D

Day 23 - Favorite area or room
ofcourse la bedroom.
as mentioned in instaa before, i love the small cozy type. not a fan of biggggg room, it scares the shit outta me. i have been in one circa 2009-2010. seriously tiap malam rase ade org tgh tgk aku. uuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

Saturday, November 23, 2013

++Setia Hujung Nyawa (Muzik Muzik Semi Final Ke 28) 2013

pawerrrr shiallllll suara fiq!
for me most lagu2 semifinal muzik2 sedap2! (baru tgk kt utube sbb eah time live aku asyik away aja)
eventho mostly bakat2 baru (&muka2 muda & baru)(or maybe aku yg bimbo yg baru nak tau hehe)
tp ya allah mmg byk doooo lagu best best skrg!
walopon aku x jenis tgk drama2 melayu (sbb diorg ckp mostly lagu2 ost drama2 tv skrg),
tp, mmg jenis yg  bila dgr wahhh bes bbes.....
way to go the young agers!!!!!!!
(rilekla brada)

Friday, November 22, 2013

++Skinny Love

maa! ma mai.. ma ma mai!
ai suke this girl. hehe. 

++Day 22 of 30T30D

Day 22 - Tell your followers how you do your makeup.
aaaaa??? :(( i didnot. uwaaaa apakah soalan ni sengaja menguji tahap kebimboan daku.
i cleanse, i apply toner & mosturiser, only in the morning. before tido mmg tak, mmg pemalas tahap zimbabwe. i bought few bb cream during korea trip but only wear it twice this year. :((
nowadays, i apply lipstick sekali sekala sbb rasa sgt pudar (sepudar cintamu ceh wah).
itu sahaja.


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Thursday, November 21, 2013

++Day 21 of 30T30D

Day 21 - Talk about your piercings or tattoos, if you have any.

boring do ohhhhh
my only piercing are on the ears. tatau bila but before mumaiz lah kan, maybe before preschool even.
i have no tattoos (so far) bbut if i do, i want it in between the dimples (yg takde dimples) at the bottom of my spine. gittew

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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

++Day 20 of 30T30D

Day 20 - 3 things you are proud about your personality

apekah soalan berbaur takborrrr nih???

frankly, i dont know what can i be proud of,
i dont even know whats my personality like but people has told me that i am:
1) funny & happy go lucky - i guess, hnm, ok, thats good because i always felt like i am boring and pendiam.
2) cool - pon hnmm yay! cool in a way lah. but i think i am always menggelabah type.. but urnmm...
3) listener - most of the time. just, try me.
4) disenangi katenyer - cewah. ni baru tambah sbb 'BR' baru bagitau. ce wah. nak gak tambah walopon dah tulih 3 diatas kan. kap lam ya nga sungguh.
5) according to 'IM', i am socialable, bright & easy going. i love!!!! tp toktahula sejauh mane yg sosial nye aku ni kan tp ai terima nikohnyeeee... 'BK' said the same thing.
6)  and lastly, according to 'MON'', i am an extrovert. wahhhyeke??? yeke??? wahhh. i always felt like i am an introvert. but people are the ones seeing me, not me seeing me, so, aku terima nikohnye jugokkk...

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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

++Day 19 of 30T30D

Day 19 - Google the meaning of your name.

this is the 1st result from google i kid u not!!!!!

An intelligent, sexy, beautiful, amazing and cool girl.
Roots: Persian/Arabic
"OMG! Haslfah is such a badass!"
"Haslfah's swagger is on point, as usual"
"I wish I was amazing like Haslfah!"
A middle eastern name given to a wise, good looking sexy beast. 
Haslfah is a badass who is amazing, intelligent and suave. 
Her swagger is on point and all the girls wish they were Haslfah.
"oh my god! I wish I was amazing and cool like Haslfah!"
"That girl is such a Haslfah! She is so piff and suave"
"Hasilah is such a badass!"
thank u urban dictionary! u rock! hahahahahhaha

Monday, November 18, 2013

++He has a point

Nothing to be proud about.
Like · · · Yesterday at 3:48pm · 

  • Todd Smirnoff Toddy Mimi sadly bila polis nak buat tough kena kutuk..bila polis tak buat apa apa pun kena kutuk kena hentam.....dia mcm ni...seriously speaking mimi..wht kind of goverment do u think can bring stability to the iraqis? Democracy instill by uncle sam or democracy supported by uncle sam or absolute power in a president as before the gulf war ? Shah iran was onced asked by a westerner media what is democracy? Untill this day his answer or rather his 'question' of what is being asked stills intrigues me.If you happened to looked in the pass history many things will be answered..
  • Todd Smirnoff Toddy On the lighter note i asked about iraqis since everyday we hear people get killed by bomb sunni syiah fiasco in contrast to a statement in mesia hari hari ada kes tembak.
    I can elaborate the tembak
    .but too long and lengthy
  • Todd Smirnoff Toddy On the lighter note again my point with the iraqis fiasco is one system is the same and perhaps suitable for a country..what works in the EU might not works in cannot compare and apply the same human rights of the EU in mesia..LBGT? Police brutality claims? Guantanamo bays? Why?..because they are man made...not god made..god made system yes can apply to all for justice in this world and hereafter.but we knw thats not what the world is now.
  • Todd Smirnoff Toddy If the mesian police could have their way of doing things according to mesia acuan aka mold call it what u want ; uninterupted by opposition who only likes to sensationalise everything for their political miliage by condemning the police insyaAllah crime can and will be reduce..
  • Mimi Fauzana A Rahman Thanks for the lengthy explanation munir. I believe you have a point there. A simple person like me has no other intentions than just to live in a harmonious & prosperous country. Dunia pun sementara saja.
  • Todd Smirnoff Toddy Yes sadly mimi too many people politiking too much and has made matters worst.i would be afraid now walking alone near hardrock cafe kl after i read that article.the opposition is supposed to be doing check and balance not to do the opposite of everything the goverment ;royal police as its branch said..for example a family.a good salihah wife is suppose to do check and balance to the husband..husband forgot to pray..she reminded him...husband starts savings for children edution the wife smiles broadly....say the wife is a Lim family...? Husband forgot to pray..wife say no worries 4 more in a day....husband saves money...wife says no need la belanja joli la...wife do all the opposite..why ? Cos she s a 'opposition'.make sense?
  • Todd Smirnoff Toddy Having said all that im not a partisan like the saying....shit (politician bn or pr) in any other language smells the SAME....!!!
  • Julian Loo Kalau tak suka, boleh keluar dari Malaysia and this the most popular slogan used by any politicians who wish to be popular.
    Paris is a dangerous city thanks to the influx of Africans migrants and as for Malaysia, for example Bukit Mertajam during week
    ends it is filled with bangladesh and nepal.
    Malaysia is a wonderful country if you like total corruption without repercussion when you are in the ruling government. Their focus is to milk all the available resources and this issue is their least IMPORTANTO.
    Yes you got it right, Malaysia memang BOLEH. APA PUN BOLEH.

++I'll be there for you (official video) (+playlist)

been revisittiong the old tvseries 'friends' starting from the 1st season,
cant help but feeling warmth inside.
with all those tiny little crushes and those moments when u think u r supercool wearing big tshirts & those trackbottoms. or my poor old big pair of jeans.

and my secret obsession towards men wearing jeans dizaman asasi because my coursemates were too nerd to wear one. lookit 'doktor' or 'sisugus' or 'sibukon'. budak2 sbp yg nerd and skema.
and it leads to thinking of the old vista angkasa. and the irc and the ouh sudah sampai ke zaman percintaan...
those were the days.

++Day 18 of 30T30D

Day 18 - Your Zodiac Sign & if you think it fits your Personality 
im a capricorn and below are the most common people's attribute towards a capricornist, and i guess i feel they are all righty:
Responsible, good managers, disciplined, self-control, dark sense of humor.
Know-it-all, unforgiving, condescending, expecting the worst.
Charismatic marks:
Medium build, can get in shape with effort but tends to be a bit soft.
Family, tradition, quality craftsmanship, understated status, music.
Almost everything at some point.
Best environment:
Positive work situation, urban environments with culture and style, anyplace to be in charge.

*part pretty tu yg ai paling gemor tu du du du la la la
*but then, good manager? are u sure? i dont think so. atlis i cant.

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++niece & nephew

akot tak am4nda? akot tak?

Sunday, November 17, 2013

++Day 17 of 30T30D

Day 17 - A picture of your room.
oloh bilik besepah...


Saturday, November 16, 2013

++What's Luv

urgh urgh (rapping sounds)
nothing can go wrong with old 2000's dance hit. zaman tak mengenal erti clubbing hehe.

++Day 16 of 30T30D

Day 16 - A song that reminds you of a best friend.
Ella-aku kau dia
RHCP-Scar Tissue
Lifehouse-sick cycle carousel
JasonMraz-u n i both
KRU-didlm dilema
Ace of Base-The signs
MyChemRomance-I dont love u
Eman-I Shut down

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Friday, November 15, 2013

++Day 15 of 30T30D

Day 15 - A problem that you have had.
a problem? ish ish ish, i had tonnes!
my weight, my lonely heart cewah, my poor-ness.
i need moneyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!

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Thursday, November 14, 2013

++the one with dinner kambeng

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Begin forwarded message:

From: Videlcute <>
Date: 14 November 2013 19:13:09

After for soooo many yearssss, i ran 3km just now and i deserve theseee meat tonite! Awesome possum!
Now now.

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++Day 14 of 30T30D

Day 14 - Your first celebrity crush
jonathan brandis of 'seaquest DSV". comel giler dia jadi lucas wolenezack (tatau ejaan). actually memule suke dia dari citer 'it'. citer seram pasal clown tuh, tp dia comelllllll!!! hehe.

& paul rudd of 'the clueless'. ya yg alicia silverstone terjatuh cinta dgn her own stepbrother tuh. paul rudd was the stepbrother. aku tataula skrg cemane rupebentuknye mamat ni, tp, dulu zaman clueless tu dia superkacak dimata aku..
'i wanna be a supermodel la la la' lagu citer tuh. ok blk ni nak dlod...

ekin cheng of young & dangerous. comellllllll gilerrrrrr... hehehe

*aku tatau mane satu yg first but cant i crush many at the same first time?

*aku mmg jenis suke hero2 yg muke comel kot, bukan set2 macho2 kot...
hnmmm... patutlah aku x suke pon danial craig sume tuh.

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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

++si bimbo berckp tentang telco part 3

helohai... bertemu kembali kita di ruangan si bimbo nak becakap psl telco...
kali ini ai nak berkata2 mengenai radio access technology pula.

let me recap (cewah), susun galur radio technology dari zaman ke zaman:

1G -
analog phone (zaman parameswara haha telepon atur dsb)
zaman ini, we use FDMA (freq div multiple access).
maksodnye user use different frequency at the same time.

2G - 14.4kbps
GSM, GPRS (and EDGE later on)
this technology, we use TDMA (time div mul xs).
maksodnye, at the same frequency, user are using different timeslot.
1carrier ade 8 timeslot, so, at the same freq tu, user beratur utk guna 8slot tuh.
if u r now connected to GPRS (lambang bulat kalo kat iphone), kalo xde org guna voicecall, dan kalo ko dpt masuk dlm antara 8 timeslot tu, bertuah lah kau.

3G -384kbps - 14.4Mbps - 42Mbps (the latest product by the company using 2x2 MIMO)
at this point of tech, kite sudah guna CDMA (code div mul xs)
so, at the same time & frequency, we were differentiate by code. (eg: scrambling code dll)

4G - 173Mbps - 326Mps (theoretically)(best case scenario)
this tech is currently using OFDMA (orthogonal FDMA)
this is the time when we finally apply our 'favourite' fast fourier transform (FFT) to make sure each user are using frequencies that are orthogonal to each other. haa kau, rupa2 nye ade faedah nye fast fourier tranform yg kite belaja during maths dulu tuh.

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++Day 13 of 30T30D

Day 13 - A picture of where you want to honeymoon.
a picture theoretically speaking or a real picture? problem sunggoh aku ni.
but i imagine my honeymoon at a foreign land. ada beach kalo boleh.
and we have fun relaxing. takmo tpt shopping2 or tpt kene penat2.
santorini or mykonos or maldives pon dah memadai. memadai???
oklah kalo miskin, boracay will do it.
takmo yg crowded place. i want to wear sexy with my partner hehehe.
and i hope for that only time he allow me to wear sexy, hehe, walo cemane alim sekalipon dia. sekaliiiiiii tu je!

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++the one with dosa x sembahyang

aku paling x suka kalo org nak citer pasal org sembahyang atau tak kat aku..
tlg elakkan pls dari cerita kat aku...
aku pon byk lobang sane sini kotttt, tak kuase aku nak tanggung dosa org lain lak.

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++Hobi baru

++Taktidoooooo dibuatnyaaaaaaa

Listen to this recording on Sing! Karaoke by Smule.

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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

++Day 12 of 30T30D

Day 12 - Something that puts a smile on your face no matter what.
hehe (gelak gatai dulu) mestilah sebarang sms/watsapp/komen/etc berunsur cinta dari lelaki...
especially lelaki yg kite suke. kannnnnnnnn?

*kalo tetibe dpt coklat dari secret admirer (mcm M) mesti aku lagi senyum kambing sampai 88hari weh.

*actually kite perlu elaborate ke entry 30things in 30days ni ek?

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Monday, November 11, 2013

++Day 11 of 30T30D

Day 11 - The meaning behind your Tumblr name:
the name is videlcute. videl is my first screen name, since during irc. my first anime char that i love, actually i love gohan (videl's husband) more, but the point is to be making a cute name out of a girl char kan. so there goes. but videl is such a glamour name, adding cute (apart from being perasan cute) is an easy way out. letak numbers mcm leceh.

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Sunday, November 10, 2013

++Day 10 of 30T30D

Day 10 - Your favourite book
i am not a reader (shame on me, i know!!! :(( )
i just love reading (looking at pictures je sokmo) magazines (esp ikea mag) or comics.

thats why my grammar/vocab are so poor,
i know reading is a good way to enhance those things.
look at my frens who established good english conversation/writings, they all reads!!

*i should work on this, reading!
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++Day 9 of 30T30D

Day 9 - What you think about your friends
i loveeeeeeeeeeee my close friends.
i have these close bunch of school frens who always mengumpat & gossip together and travel and merintih kesepian together. they are like my pillar of strength now gittew (selain my faith lah ofkos).
i have these close bunch of uni frens who almost mostly married but still gila walopon some are very far away.
i have these close bunch of working frens to go lunch together (altho one of them has resigned huhu but we still go melaha or travel together)
i have these crazy socialites frens who never failed to take me higher on adrenaline rush level for party party thingy or lite2 sesi mengumpat or gossip too.
and of kos a bunch of frens that connected the dot between me and the ex too, altho improper, but i decided that there's nothing to lose if still kept them in the list anyway. they dont take my money, they dont take my energy, they bring some sweet happyness, so, why so serious lah kan?

and there's a reason why i still am friend with them all,
and there's a reason too why some are not dah.

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++Day 8 of 30T30D

Day 8 - Your opinion on your body and how comfortable you are about it.
i hate my height & ofkos my weight.
i hate & im not comfortable in it.
all my clothes are shrinking (tanak kalah) and u know damn well how i hate buying bigger clothes.
i dont ccare wht u think, but, i think wearing big loose clothes makes me look bigger.
because i had always getting the 'u look slimmer' compliments during tighter clothes.


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Thursday, November 7, 2013

++the one with ayah

i saw an old man sitting shakily (menggeletar) in a drain tepi jalan duta tadi!.
aku tatau dooo dia buat apa situ tp dia mcm lost or something wrong lah..
ya allah kesiannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnye!
but i couldnt stop (or maybe i was in hurry) (or alasan)
the traffic is quite fast, aku nampak sepintas and i look thru the side mirror and he was still there
i know some might think he is some kind of psiko, but the old man was looking rather lost.
or maybe.
i dunno, tp aku terus nangih.

aku mmg tak boleh tgk org tua yg mcm ni. mcm menggeletar mcm takut2 dan jalan slow slow tuh.
there was one time, i saw a couple in the train years ago.
the old woman takut2 jatuh (they wasnt offered a seat), and the husband mcm marah2 makcik tu dgn muka "jgn lah kecoh2, duduk situ diam2" (u know bila laki macam malu dgn bini dia tuh)

tgk org tua mmg buat aku ingat ayah, especially the kurus2 gelap2 types.
he is not the gagah type (altho he is to me), but he is the very kampung type, to which, whenever i saw kampung folks i'll straightly remember him.
he is rather old for his age, rambut semua dah beruban and too skinny,
sedih but he is the fattest in his siblings.
aku sayang ayah aku. sgt sgt.
but if u understand our family, we are not manja or ckp lama2 on the phone types.
myself especially.
aku jenis simpan dlm hati. cinta dlm hati.
(mcm aku dgn bekas2 aku, tanye lah diorg betapa kayu-nye aku).
dan kitorg pon bukan jenis pelok2 ciom2 ayah too.
macam tatau doooo nak start cemane. awkward!

dimanakah halatuju nya entry ni kalo aku alala insaf dan rase nak blk kg tgk ayah (walopon dia tak sakit)  tp sebenanye aku nak gi melaha wiken nih!. neraka jahanam punye anak!

but i love u!

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++Day 7 of 30T30D

Day 7 - Bullet your day
sebagai seorg yg supersaiya bimbo, aku x paham apeke maknenye soalan ini.
tp aku jawab jugak demi menjaga hati aku (Bukan hati you) ahahahhaha
(x sempat abis bimbo, pojan dah menjawab persoalan aku ni di watsapp)

answer is:
  • (siap letak bullet kan) NO MOOD & cant wait for tomorrow & the weekends to arrive!
currently listening to:sheila on 7 - tunjuk satu bintang
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i wanna be:rich! & Happy (is it to much to ask???)

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

++day 6 of 30t30d

Day 6 - A song that makes you cry

Mana boleh 'a' song!!!
Aku x kire aku nak listkan sumeee yg aku tgh teringat now

Lifehouse-breathing! & sick cycle carousel!!
Eman-i shut down!!
Josie&the pussycats-u dont see me:((
Yellowcard-only one!!
A7x-dear god!!!
Dixie chicks-u were mine!
Blink 182-i miss you!!!:((((((( sgt wehhhhh!!!! fuck u!!!!! (Meroyan)
(Sori bahasa tgh emo)
Kiroro-very very love you:((
Hoobastank- the reason
Jason wade-u belong to me
Foo fighters-walking after u
Atiek-aku sayang padamu
Peterpan-semua tentang kita, yg terdalam, mimpi yg sempurna

Gila kuasa! Nasebek pelupa, kalo tak ade 100lagi.

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++day 5 of 30t30d

Day 5 - Band you are dying to see LIVE

Lupaaa lagi!! Xbleh diharap sungguh.
Ok the answer is:
(And coldplay and greenday)
Nangih mengenangkan nya.

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Monday, November 4, 2013

++Day 4 of 30T30D

Day 4 - Post your favorite quote.
"everybody's beautiful on their own special way"
or so i thought.

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currently feeling:saddddddd (makin lame makin sad ni pe hal???)
i wanna be:richhhhhhhhhhhhher

++Day 3 of 30T30D

Day 3 - Your First Love
this is not an easy question.
my first love was tody (the wet sprocket). but my first real love was atuk.
but my first real heartbroke was tody (cinta monyet) but my first everything was atuk.
hnm. but i also think boris has something with the first too. hnmmm.

but then, hnmmmm.... next!

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currently feeling:sad but ok
i wanna be:richhhhhhhhhh

++Day 2 of 30T30D

hek elehhhhh
how can i forget something i promised to do nih??? 
terus 4th nov dah arini, tp, aku x kire, aku nak gak post day 2,3 punye soalan.
so here goes:

Day 2 - If you could chose a time period to be born at , which one would it be and why?
for me, i just loveeeee my birthdate. And the year, not so gen y -ngy & not so gen x -ngy.
except from the fact that i havent married yet that haunted me for as long, i love my age & i love my batchmates (by batch mates i also meant those 2/3 years younger/older)

we rock! the 80's kid! yes we rock!

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currently feeling:sad abit but ok
i wanna be:a supermodel

Friday, November 1, 2013

++Day 1 of 30T30D

Day 1 - Post one confession/secret.
yeah, i still love my ex. but i have moved on. dont u worry about me anymore.

currently listening to:ada band on spotify (langit tujuh bidadari)
currently feeling:sad
i wanna be:a supermodel

++30 Things in 30 Days Challenge!

i read pojan's entry about 30days challenge and i also wanna take part (x dijemput pon, sila masuk)

below are the titles:
Day 1 - Post one confession/secret.
Day 2 - If you could chose a time period to be born at , which one would it be and why?
Day 3 - Your First Love
Day 4 - Post your favorite quote.
Day 5 - Band you are dying to see LIVE
Day 6 - A song that makes you cry
Day 7 - Bullet your day
Day 8 - Your opinion on your body and how comfortable you are about it.
Day 9 - What you think about your friends
Day 10 - Your favourite book
Day 11 - The meaning behind your Tumblr name
Day 12 - Something that puts a smile on your face no matter what.
Day 13 - A picture of where you want to honeymoon.
Day 14 - Your first celebrity crush
Day 15 - A problem that you have had.
Day 16 - A song that reminds you of a best friend.
Day 17 - A picture of your room.
Day 18 - Your Zodiac Sign & if you think it fits your Personality
Day 19 - Google the meaning of your name.
Day 20 - 3 things you are proud about your personality
Day 21 - Talk about your piercings or tattoos, if you have any.
Day 22 - Tell your followers how you do your makeup.
Day 23 - Favorite area or room
Day 24 - The month you were happiest this year and why
Day 25 - A picture that makes you laugh
Day 26 - What’s the meanest thing anyone has ever said to you?
Day 27 - Hand write your name.
Day 28 - 10 ways to win your heart
Day 29 - Nicknames you have, and why you have them.
Day 30 - A Pic from last year and A Pic from Now ... How have you changed in the last year?

currently listening to:ada band on spotify (segudang cinta)
currently feeling:sadddddddddddddd
i wanna be:a supermodel