Wednesday, November 20, 2013

++Day 20 of 30T30D

Day 20 - 3 things you are proud about your personality

apekah soalan berbaur takborrrr nih???

frankly, i dont know what can i be proud of,
i dont even know whats my personality like but people has told me that i am:
1) funny & happy go lucky - i guess, hnm, ok, thats good because i always felt like i am boring and pendiam.
2) cool - pon hnmm yay! cool in a way lah. but i think i am always menggelabah type.. but urnmm...
3) listener - most of the time. just, try me.
4) disenangi katenyer - cewah. ni baru tambah sbb 'BR' baru bagitau. ce wah. nak gak tambah walopon dah tulih 3 diatas kan. kap lam ya nga sungguh.
5) according to 'IM', i am socialable, bright & easy going. i love!!!! tp toktahula sejauh mane yg sosial nye aku ni kan tp ai terima nikohnyeeee... 'BK' said the same thing.
6)  and lastly, according to 'MON'', i am an extrovert. wahhhyeke??? yeke??? wahhh. i always felt like i am an introvert. but people are the ones seeing me, not me seeing me, so, aku terima nikohnye jugokkk...

currently listening to:cakra khan - setelah kau tiada
currently feeling:nak teberak
i wanna be:rich

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sue said...

BK pn BK laa... redho