Monday, November 18, 2013

++I'll be there for you (official video) (+playlist)

been revisittiong the old tvseries 'friends' starting from the 1st season,
cant help but feeling warmth inside.
with all those tiny little crushes and those moments when u think u r supercool wearing big tshirts & those trackbottoms. or my poor old big pair of jeans.

and my secret obsession towards men wearing jeans dizaman asasi because my coursemates were too nerd to wear one. lookit 'doktor' or 'sisugus' or 'sibukon'. budak2 sbp yg nerd and skema.
and it leads to thinking of the old vista angkasa. and the irc and the ouh sudah sampai ke zaman percintaan...
those were the days.

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