Monday, November 4, 2013

++Day 3 of 30T30D

Day 3 - Your First Love
this is not an easy question.
my first love was tody (the wet sprocket). but my first real love was atuk.
but my first real heartbroke was tody (cinta monyet) but my first everything was atuk.
hnm. but i also think boris has something with the first too. hnmmm.

but then, hnmmmm.... next!

currently listening to:padi-bayangkanlah
currently feeling:sad but ok
i wanna be:richhhhhhhhhh


Pojan said...

wowwww chepah buat 30 days challenge ni. aku jugak tak gerak2. hahaha

anyway, i hope you find your last and everlasting the one soon.

Unknown said...

tq pojannnnnnnnnn.. pls buat yours