Sunday, November 10, 2013

++Day 9 of 30T30D

Day 9 - What you think about your friends
i loveeeeeeeeeeee my close friends.
i have these close bunch of school frens who always mengumpat & gossip together and travel and merintih kesepian together. they are like my pillar of strength now gittew (selain my faith lah ofkos).
i have these close bunch of uni frens who almost mostly married but still gila walopon some are very far away.
i have these close bunch of working frens to go lunch together (altho one of them has resigned huhu but we still go melaha or travel together)
i have these crazy socialites frens who never failed to take me higher on adrenaline rush level for party party thingy or lite2 sesi mengumpat or gossip too.
and of kos a bunch of frens that connected the dot between me and the ex too, altho improper, but i decided that there's nothing to lose if still kept them in the list anyway. they dont take my money, they dont take my energy, they bring some sweet happyness, so, why so serious lah kan?

and there's a reason why i still am friend with them all,
and there's a reason too why some are not dah.

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