Tuesday, November 19, 2013

++Day 19 of 30T30D

Day 19 - Google the meaning of your name.

this is the 1st result from google i kid u not!!!!!

An intelligent, sexy, beautiful, amazing and cool girl.
Roots: Persian/Arabic
"OMG! Haslfah is such a badass!"
"Haslfah's swagger is on point, as usual"
"I wish I was amazing like Haslfah!"
A middle eastern name given to a wise, good looking sexy beast. 
Haslfah is a badass who is amazing, intelligent and suave. 
Her swagger is on point and all the girls wish they were Haslfah.
"oh my god! I wish I was amazing and cool like Haslfah!"
"That girl is such a Haslfah! She is so piff and suave"
"Hasilah is such a badass!"
thank u urban dictionary! u rock! hahahahahhaha

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