Thursday, November 28, 2013

++Day 28 of 30T30D

Day 28 - 10 ways to win your heart
finally! a question that i like! hehehe
1- be wangi & clean & wangiiii. is it hard? to be just wangi? jgn kepam2 plis.
2- sing to me. or strum. sing pon dah cukup memadai, but with strum, i'll never let u go. i dont care if ur voice is not like JT or jason wade or anyone, as long as tak out of tunes sudeyyy...
3- or atleast, always like/suggest/forward to me great songs. at least i know we are on the same wavelength.
4- feeeeeeeeed me. i am fat liddat. no equation can ever justify this. i am not a materialistic type, a gift once in a while is forever lovable, but, if u r not rich, just feeeeeeed me. thats all im asking for.
5- but ofcourse, accepted me. accept the fact that i am lousy at diet & will never look down on food. accept the fact that i am fat. and kelamkabut. and nosy at times. and cengeng. and very very gedik. and many moreeeeeeee.
6- not shy to introduce me to his friends. vice versa.
7- tidak takbor/riak/menunjuk2. a very down to earth profile lah kirenye.
8- be exclusive. if u r a kind who always always updated fb statuses or insta or anything liddat, urgh, u simply an easy person. i mean its good that u r easy going with everyone but i prefer an exclusive types.
9- witty. who doesnt loves a witty person kan? jgn lah serious sgt all the time.
10- bright. (hehe like me ahahhahaha). jgn bodoh & lembab sgt. tapi x perlu genius sgt mcm si imah tuh. tihihi.

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currently feeling:sad
i wanna be:a supermodel


sue said...

ahahhahha aku suke no 10 ayat last

Unknown said...

ahahahahahha kan best kalo ni mcm fb comment yg mane aku boleh tag dia...