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++accidentally in koh lipe

the entry is gonna be the same like described in the fb.
Koh Lipe is a very beautiful island, geographically located at the southern part of thailand, very close to our pulau langkawi. so, if u were to go to koh lipe, u can either depart from langkawi, or from thailand, pak barra pier. for us, imah opted to drive to the pier, which took us almost 5hours drive from penang, plus an hour traffic jam at wang kelian imigresen.

its all started with a plan to Hatyai, but somehow we landed in this island that Imah got to know from internet a few days before CNY...
due to the very last minute plan, it can only suited for me yang sokmo x kisah what's the outcome..
(i actually tried to pujuk few people to go too, but they were too busy catching up with their lives =p (read: sue, irina, monno, huda,lond, ana))
n i actually had no idea where we're going until the wednesday ( i'm leaving to penang on wed's night (12midnite) n we're leaving to Thai on thurs morning)... so, i arrived at penang around 5am, balik rumah imah dan mandi, and offf to the border of peninsular malaysia.

but & luckyly, this vacation really exceeded our expectations. outstanding!
altho we encounter so many circumstances/problems in the journey - like gps malfunction dan tetibe shutdown, being 'kicked' from our room because, clever us, we booked for one nite accommodation only (sebab tamak dan kononnye nak spend the 2nd nite at hatyai), but, once we arrived at koh lipe, we thought that it is really not worth it if we went back the next day..
the whole vacation is really something. awesome.

on the 2nd day, we went for snorkelling plus island hopping the whole day. snorkle sampai berdarah mata telinga tangan kaki dan buah dada. T_T.

price: 500B = RM50
(for 5 island snorkeling + long-boat-rides + mask + snorkel + fins + lunch + mineral waters + guide)

while in the water, guide ini lah yg sgt2 membantu yg menghulurkan pelampung kat kami berdua dan menarik dan membawa kami ke rata2 tempat2 yg ade coral yg lawo2 + ikan2 pelik yg org2 lain tak dapat lah layananan seistimewa kami ni, cewah.
if not, i would settle for a certain area only kot, sbb talarat nak berenang jauh2.. hehehe
overall, all the snorkeling point is very nice and beautiful and the water is very crystal clear. ((ok dah malas nak bercerite telah dtg))

and oh, cant wait for all the underwater pictures yg imah belom cuci sbb gune camera reusable je hehehkk
overall, both of us agree that Lipe's people are very nice and trustworthy and honest..
they didnot pilih kasih between mat salleh n asia ppl. you get equal treatment from them plus they are not money minded like most of other tourist attraction (bali and bandung for instance, not sure about other thailand continent like phuket or krabi).
but urm, most of them didnot know how to speak in malay or english. but in a popular shop(like the boat ticket's shop, or the snorkel shop), there is a person who can speak.
on the 1st nite, i tried to order sotong goreng tepong, but it ended up as a sotong goreng tiada tepong. :( 
Things are bit expensive tho but we are in a ~2 hours from land it make sense. they need to live too n they only operate for 6 month in a year.

expenses to be expected:
1. return boat from pak barra pier to koh lipe: 1200 B (rm120)
2. resort 1500 B pernite for 2person (rm150)
(maybe quite expensive due to the peak season + cny hols)
3. snorkeling trips: 500 B (rm50)
4.pancakes: 40 B (rm4) (wajib try hehehe)
5. lunch and dinners: ikot sukati makbapak korang nak makan mahal2 ke murah2..
6. body scrub: 500B (rm50) (get a complimentary thai massage)
7. foot massage: 200B (rm20) (also get a complimentary thai massage)
8. thai massage (whole body): 300B (rm30)

some of the pictures here (out of 1300, kahkahkah, over giler)

the steep road at wang kelian..

dem jammed at wang kelian imigresen... towards thailand (satun)

amazed with the crazy electric cables all over thailand..

this is whr we park the car. those 2 thailand people in this picture help us buying the speedboat to kohlipe, translate & explaining..

the lady at the ticket counter was also a nice person. imah forgot her sausage bun in the car, so when she walked back to the car from the jetty, this lady took imah on her motorcycle. (its not near and its so hot, the sun)

the speedboat from pak barra pier to koh lipe (took us 2 hours, pening nak termontah!)

met a blogger in the speedboat.. imah used to read his blog on her research to koh lipe...

the speedboat wont be touched at kohlipe beaches. it will stop at a platform near the beaches, and a long-tailed-boats awaiting there. the price for this small boats are 50baht each (rm5 seorang)..

due to a very last minute decision, and the CNY holidays are a very peak season, we hardly find a place to stay, butthen, imah managed to booked at 'serene resort', but they had problem with that room and replaced us with a room at 'pooh's resort'.
room's rate is 1500 B pernite. (eq. rm150 for 2)

and sadly, this is what we got, the shower's rooftop yg ternganga and god knows how i imagined cerita2 hantu thailand semasa mandi that 1st nite! i even mandi dgn membuka the shower door sbb takut sgt hehehh.

exploring koh lipe for the first time..

this is the other side of the island. yup, u can walk from one side of the island (pataya beach) to the other side of the island (sunrise beach) easily.

the resort that imah actually booked and paid, but our actual room had problem and they replaced to a a room at pooh's resort.

err, hot-ness?

trying roti mina (pancake) but this time, we chose wrong.

1st nite dinner at, err, boleh aku taktau name kedai?

our room from outside..

2nd day, snorkeling at 5 islands...
settling for breakfast at tiffany

breakfast at pooh's resort and bar

trying the fins before snokelling..

our long tailed boat for the day...

tataulah aku cemane diorg tu bleh betahan bejemor ditgh panazzzzzz

1st stop is at an ocean near koh jabang...
ditengah2 laut inilah kami dibebaskan ke dlm air. arus sgt deras, so, i can hardly see the fish and corals (as compared to the other island). tp, tetap cantikkkkkkk...

gamba underwater imah x cuci lagi.
so, this is after the 1st snorkel.

up to the 2nd island, koh yang.
this one, omg sgt beautiful!!! rizal (our tourguide) brought us snorkelling around the far-far area which i cannot swim myself, penat wehh kayuh sendiri...

3rd island is known as 'pulau batu cantik' or koh hin-ngam'...

org lain sume pakai selipar, yg ko sorang2 tanak pakai tu kenape ahahahhahahahhahahah bengong gilerrrr

2nd hotel we stayed. ban kasirin. really nice hotel.

we had dinner at halalfood restaurant

and massage time!!!!!!!!!!


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