Thursday, October 27, 2011

++the one with pangkor 2011

shhehhhhhhhhh enuff with the soap-opera-like entries already has1fah!

today's entry is regarding pangkor 2011
as most have heard, the initial plan was to hit redang or perhentian (i, for the record, havent been to any of those 2, some of the bffs dah pergi atlis one of them)
but, the monsoon dont do us justice, from mid october towards february is a no-no entry to the eastcoast beaches, jgnkan pulau, pantai2 tepi terengganu tu pon tidak digalakkan pergi nya.

so, we discussed and discussed: penang, langkawi, telok batik, pangkor, among other.
and we conclude pangkor would be the best selection among all.
plus, this is a gathering cum our dearest mazni's bachelorette party (per se)
and it is private (only for the ex-4 stooges +pojan +imah <-ofkos plus imah because she's one of the planner)
irina couldnt make it at the very last minute due to her mom's condition. so, there we go, only 5 of us.
i hope i make this clear to those who pm/ym/sms/email me why they wasnt invited. hehehe (diva sgt statement plis)
(read: sue, oag, lond, etc)

and then, here goes the itineraries of the trip: 

1) RM50++ for the return bus trip from KL-LUMUT-KL

2) RM170 for the chalet for 3days2nites + jetty transfer + ferry ride lumut-pangkor-lumut + snorkeling trip + banana boat ride + jetski (tentatively kayak but we were tired so we exchange with jetski)
the chalet condition is OK noly, not tiptop i must say, but ok lah fot the price, but abit too small for the 5 of us to fit in only 1 chalet, i suggest 2 rooms nextime
(ofkos we dunno about this condition until we arrived, so, blasah ajelah, malas nak tuka2 etc)

3) RM120 for 5 for the 1st nite's seafood dinner (boleh makan 8 org ni sbb semua nya tak abih)
(telah disponsor oleh pengetua darjah cik imah)

4) RM100 for 5 for the 1nd nite's seafood bbq (pon boleh makan sampai 10 org ni sbb semuanya tak abis langsung byk gileeeee)
(pon telah disponsor oleh pengetua darjah yakni cik imah)  

5) as usual there were awholelot of photossssssss and u can close this window now hehehh..

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Pojan said...

terima kasih kepada imah yg menjadi ATM dan juge sponsor makan malam 2 malam ittewwwww

aku suka trip pangkoq (bukan pungkoq) ni sbb relakssss. santai habis.

chepah, kalau 2 bilik, takde la kita bersempit2 boleh bergossip2. haaaa. (tapi takde plak kita bergossip sgt dalam bilik. tidor sajeeeee)

videLcute said...

yeahhhhhhhhhhhh, i like santai2 tak pressure kene jalan jauh heheheh

ala kalo 2 bilik pon, nnti kite bekumpol la satu bilik utk ngumpat (which is x sempat ngumpat dlm bilik sbb imah dah start ngumpat since kat lumut lagi dah)