Monday, December 7, 2015

++the one with the tinted window

i've recently tinted my car. on saturday precisely.
and the mechanic advised me, not to wind all the car windows down for about a week.

so, yesterday, while heading back to SL (from PD), i slept all the way.
when we reached seremban's toll, ABC wind down the driver's window to touch the tng card.
yg peliknya, aku yg tido siap berdengkor bagai, boleh lak terjaga kat sini..
i saw him winding down, so i screamed.
"awak! kenape awak turunkan cermin!"
boy, was he shocked!
semorg dlm kete ofkos tekujat lah kan.
and he was back at his senses.
"kenapa awak ni? aku tepokkk jugak dahi engkoo ni!!"

it was his car, we were in.
i was dreaming, cruising in my own car before the incident.
boleh nyeee aku terjaga dan terngigauuu psl kete aku!


pastu, aku sambung tido.


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currently feeling:happy
i wanna be:rich!!!

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