Friday, December 18, 2015

++the one with 50ju

Oh lupa nak cerita
We went to s0ju. 4 of us.
A,b,c and me.

Normally, it was b who ll drive, going and back.
So this time, we, a&c&me didnot bring our driving licences.
Only b brought the driving licence.
So, ok, we were inside, enjoying the liveband & laughing at people drunk-dancing.
Except b, b drank, too much and then drunk.

And when it was time to go back, b couldnt drive.
A had to take over. A is not familiar with the road, c too.
Only me familiar with the road, but i am not familiar with handling a big car.
Even the handbrake is not normal at the hand area. It is located at the leg area. Pelik kan?
Aku mmg #villagepeople liddat yaknow. I had never had the experience yaknow handling this type of vehicle. Huhu. Jakon.

So, ok, on the way back, suddenly B decided wanted to pee. Ditepi jalan. T_______T.
I was like, whatttt?
So we stopped ditepi jalan yg suram tiada org and well, b peed. And puked.
Tetibe, out of nowhere, dtg seorg makhlok. Lelaki, in dark skin. Towards us.
Ya allahhh, apo ni?
A and c panicked.

I had to take over.
So we switched place, without turun kereta.
Now, im at the driver's seat, A at co pilot.
But i cant move. I dunnno how to release the hand brake. Saikoooooo cemassss!
That lembaga lelaki was closeeeee!
So, A had to merangkak from a side and use her hand to release the handbrake from the driver's leg area. Ko dpt tak bayangkan???
C, who was at the back screamed, "Cptt! Kenapaaa jugak ko tuka tuka driver skrggg baaaa????"
A, who was also panicked lawan scream, ko diammm baaa.
cemas bergandaganda..
i finally succeeded in freeing the handbrake when that black stranger was only inches away.
cemassss gila, terus swerved the car right into the road and zasssss, altho i was not so sure how the gear like. (turned out, i was at gear S3 instead of D) but ok, watever moved the car.

tiba2, cemas dtg lagi, there was a roadblock.
ya allahhhhhhhhhhh.
read paragraph 2.
cemas cemas.
and that was also the time i realized the lamp is not properly switched on.
i dunno actually what i switched, but, i think the police didnt realize it, thank god.
now imagine a clumsy-pucat-driver, who didnt bring the lesen :(
pak polisi pastinya dpt mengagak aku pucat lesi time tuh.
but, thank god sekali lagi, x kene tahan :((

aku serik.

b came home, puking the throat out.
a & c laughed like mad selama berhari2.

i have never, ever, had a friend who berhenti tepi jalan nak terkencing.

that was rather, a memorable weekend.

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Pojan said...

Next week.

Kawan A,B,C be like "Wah siuk oooo tu hari, mari kita pigi lagi?"

And you'd be like " let's do thissssss"


HH VideL said...

i know right!