Tuesday, April 7, 2015

++the one with tody

ko penah rase the butterfly in stomach thingy?

mase tu aku keje kat amc0rp mall. at a stationary shop, yg ade photostat service, during my semester break.
bebila bosan, aku suke menebeng2 kat depan kedai tu, a balcony facing the center of the mall.
and it can see through to the LG flloor.
and there he sat. at a corner of his shop.
always with his guitar, always with his friends.
not that i can hear wht he strummed each time, but, i was kinda stalking him.
is he my first crush ya? cant remember. oh tak tak, my first crush was b0ris.

so, one day, i went to my usual lunch place, which strategically located infront of his shop.
and he walked pass by me, ke dlm kedai makan tu. im not sure what was he doing there, he didnot take or buy anything. but i was shaking.
it's like if u crush zac efron, and imagine he walking by your side.
bedebar woi. (aku apa hal???)

boy, was i naive.

so one day, this boy came up to my shop.
he wanted to photostate his IC that time.
and there. she was again. a butterfly fly randomly in my stomach.
i cant tell u how shaking my knee was. tangan apatah lagi. close friends, by this time, must know my hand problem. my shaking hand. takboleh buat apa. (imagine me holding his ic huhu)

i look at his ic, not bad, not bad at all. haha. muda setahun. but watdehell.
the next thing i remember, he has my number.
(surprisingly, i didnt remember i gave it to him. bole tak? aku rase dia dpt dari budak kedai makan)(hmm ohwell).

and we started, well, sms? haha.
and dating. for few weeks (or days, if i counted back).

after a while, he suddenly went silent.
also not at his usual spot near his shop.
the next thing i know, i saw him with his ex gf.

kau mmg pundek tody!

*the name was given by me. his real name is anonymous. my partner at my shop thinks he smell like tody, hence the name. (dah tau lelaki tu nerako, ko nak jugak kan videl!)

ah i miss that butterfly in stomach feeling.

currently listening to:sheila on 7 - hingga ujung waktu
currently feeling:missing you.
i wanna be:rich!!!!!!!

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