Tuesday, July 14, 2009

++387 the one with public enemies

*spoiler's alert*

there was this scene in "public enemies" that i shouldn't cry, u shouldn't cry too, but i cried ter-esak-esak-ly. i dont think anybody else cried at that scene.
that was the part when billie Frechette (jonidep's gf) was being beaten and slapped when she was being investigated in the police station, about john dillinger (jonidep)'s wherabout.
sentap ok.
(even atuk pelik giler "ape kene dgn awak ni")
that is soo not a "sad" scene at all.
maybe i was being too carried away with billie's character, i was imagining myself in her shoes. the feeling of waiting to be beaten. perasaan yg sgt gundah and scared and feeling so small and so fragile and deeply sad.
rasa sgt berdebar2 dan takut dan menggeletar dan menangis dan semualah at the same time. perasaan semasa anda kena pukul and yet, u cant defend yourself, or atlis slapped back. u just dont have the guts.
speaking of experience. (mcm lahhh aku penah kene masok lokap :)) )

i gave billie 10stars for that scene alone.

there are several reasons why i think i should like this movie.
one, the hero ialah jonidep. siapakah yg tidak chentakan jonidep, kan?
two, it was based on a true story. John Dillinger (jonidep) is one of America's most notorious gangster. i cant deny true story. true story rocks, big time.
three, u should watch how jonidep performed as john dillinger. he really stands out in his own charisma & confidence. such same strong character when he played as donnie brasco last time.
four, at first, u will be getting headaches of the way they filmed this movie. too much of very potraiture size movement. dlm bahase melayunye ialah, kamera dia sgt dekat dgn character, and there were too much kamera movements, diorg mcm pegang camera gune tangan. pening2 kepala dibuatnye, but once u got the drift of muka2 yg besar tersebut, u'll start to love the shot. mcm gune 50mm lens .:D:D
five, of a love of a gangster. i had this soft spot for yakuza (gangster) :D sgt kakkoi ok. 5 kali horny didlm cinema :D :">

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