Friday, March 20, 2015

++the one who needs new area-mate

what should i write when i dont travel?
most daily activities were already posted in instagram or fb.
about me? nothing's new
about you? nothing's new too.
about diet & exercise? i havent and i havent.
i mean who eats nasi for breakfast and nasi for lunch and nasi again for dinner?
me and me and me again and again.
im not depressed nor stressed. i am happy. but i dunno, i'm lonely i dont have a significant other to be with, so, i eat?
that's not the reason.
admit it, i am just lazy.
and not motivated. and not kiasu to kurus.
and prolly sbb xde geng setempat tinggal kot.
kalo ade housemate or maybe area-mate yg rajin ajak aku jogging & what not kan mesti best dan semangat.

meh pindah area mut1ara d4mansara pls.

currently listening to:de meises biar saja
currently feeling:happy sedikit & kenyang yg byk
i wanna be:rich & kurus

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