Monday, January 16, 2017

++the one who is now 36

and i havent settled down, or
maybe, just maybe i am already settled, with this kind of life.
yaknow, this 'no partner, no kid/s, no big commitment''s life,
and i can migrate to whichever place, whenever i want to (except of course i dont have the money & maybe the energy).
last weekend when i discussed the idea of saving, with abcxyz, i told him i dont have the asb saving.
if i die tomorrow, i think my insurance can cover my debt (creditcards), (nih i think), and i dont have any children, so dont have to save money for their education watsoeva.
giler narrow minded kan.

but that's that.
that's when i am so content with my life that i dont think i am being rational.
what if i dont die, but i met with an accident and paralyzed.
wah takotnyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

ok entry ini ter stop disini kerana saya sudah jiwa kacau pula nya.

currently listening to:stay the night
currently feeling:scared
i wanna be:richhhhhhhhh

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