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++North New Zealand | Day 00 & 01 | Northland & Bay of island

  • arrived at Auckland
  • overnite at airport goldstar motel (pickup by hotel's van)(hotel)
  • pickup motorhome at mangere (1-2km walk from hotel)
  • mangawhai & breambay coast - waipu cove & Lang beach (136km from mangere)(free)
  • pak n save (groceries shopping)
  • overnite at Bay of island-waitangi holiday park (66km from waipu cove)(inside Motorhome)
F&B summary for Day01:
breakfast: bread with choc spread & cheese & coffeemilk
lunch: we stopped by an RNR on the way to the Langs beach
i ate a choc pie and sandwich here
dinner: by IR & WR - nasi + grilled salmon + sambal sardin
-pilot: MMTK
-copilot: CP
mashalallahhh sisturssss. aku bole lupa aku ade hutang blog entries hehe.
alah, bukan ade org baca pon, tp kan, each time org dok tanye2 balik kat aku kalo gi tempat memane tu, berapa bajet ke, or entry price ke, or makan ape ke, aku mmg sokmo refer balik blog aku sbb maigoddd, iteneri aku sume hilang bersame2 punohnye hatdisk aku.
oh shit man, ke-crash-an harddisk adalah sebuah malapetaka, bayangkan about them pictures!
gila aku sekejap.
mostly, aku tepakse retrieve balik dari fb albums (thank god rajin upload gamba), tp saiz mmg x cunla kalo nak print jadikan canvas size. tp, ok je la kalo nak print 4r.

ok, memandangkan i have few (ala bole kira dgn jari sebenanya) visitors from oversea, sometimes, googling about the place i went to, so i have to write in the language universally written (or understood) (& dont laugh about grammar, because this is not a language center, just as long as people can understand, literally).

so, the flight departed KLIA2 on friday night (1155pm friday) (read: costing) AAX decided to delay our flight, which was scheduled earlier, but apology accepted, the timing for the delayed flight was just nice for us to get to airport right after work. (note to myself: it is good to also list down the price to get to KLIA2, but i went there with abc, so, i dunno the ERL/bus ticket price)

we arrived at Auckland international airport on Saturday around 4pm++
as advised by many blogger (this one particularly), we only bring canned foods and formal-packaging food like maggy mee or delimas. u can read it at this blog about what to/not to bring into new zealand here:
and yup, with this strict info in our mind, we passed the custom clearance, cheerfully, with all luggaged intact (no need to open, just declare eveyrthing in the declaration form, and be honest).
yada yada yada, we arrived at the hotel at around 6pm++ and it was already dark.
we just went outside to the nearest groceries store to stockup food for dinner and breakfast for sunday morning.

we slept quite early after dinner, IR dozed at 8pm!
and i spoke to WR: "aku tataula ir ni tido ikot timezone mane, nz baru 8pm haa, malaysia lagila baru kol 4pm"
and then the next day, WR told me that i dozed off just 10mins after that. ahahahahhaha.

we booked the motorhome thru "ahmad caravan" (they handled booking & contact the motorhome at NZ). so, we have to pick up the motorhome ourselves on sunday morning from their counterpart office at mangere road, around 2km walk from our hotel. (altho, we got lost a bit finding the office, and were late, but they still allowed us to pick it up)
the first experience was brutal, MMTK couldnt figure how to go back into our hotel compound by this big caravan, and we had to make 2 big 5km rounds to finally park, not inside the hotel compound, but infront of the compound sbb susah giler.
from there, we went straight to the first destination: waipu cove & lang beach.
after that we went for a groceries shopping at Pak n Save & then spend the night inside the motorhome at Bay of Islands Waitangi Holiday Park.
The pictures:

haha ketiduran at airport. with our new ostrich pillows. hahahaha #villagepeople be like.

my meal: kids burgers hehe & satay set.

we found gimli at auckland airport. so excited & nervous to tour LOTR film location already.

us, all very busuk (smelly), kusam (plain) and slenge (ugly), just passed the imigration & custom clearance, waiting for the hotel pickup.

at the hotel on saturday night.
i assigned IR & WR to bring the extension cord, and this was what went out from IR luggage, superBIG & awesome extension plug ahahahahahha... (i estimated this thing around 2kg allowance ni).

the groceries store, a 10mins walk from the hotel.

apparently, this shop sell indomee. wow. (and some other asians food).

due to poor calculation, we bought only 1pack of bread for dinner & breakfast for sunday morning. so, we had to only eat 1.5bread each, for dinner, to save 2pcs for breakfast each. ahahahaha, kesian sgt ni.

and here we were, already dozed off before 9pm NZ time (before 5pm malaysian time). ahahahahaha, ikot timezone mane satu ni agaknya?

pickup the motorhome..

1st briefing of handling the motorhome

the back benches

the toilet

debaran org pertama drive. MMTK.

this is the hotel near to airport (and they provide free airport pickup), and also near to the motorhome pickup center.

on the way out from auckland towards north bay.

singgah di RNR for quick lunch.

roads upto northen & bay of islands...

at langs beach

kat toilet je pon. hahahahahah.

at langs beach

our favourite store: PAK N SAVE!

the groceries :D:D:D

videl :D

chef of the day: IR & souschef WR

dinner was served. grilled salmon & sambal sardin. mmmdapppppp...

the firstclass coach: atas driver.

the coachclass aka backbenchers.


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