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++North New Zealand | Day 13 | CathederalCove & HotWaterBeach

Day 13 | Coromandel:
  • We were from Overnight in Matamata: Opal Hot springs Family Park
  • Coromandel (150km from matamata)
  • Cathedral Cove (free)
  • Hot Water Beach (parking nzd2) (10km)
  • Overnight in Thames Avalon Motel (50km from hotwaterbeach)(in hotel, not motorhome, for packing)
F&B DAY13:
breakfast: bread with choc spread & cheese
lunch: mi megi + sardin + mushroom
dinner at d luca's pizza (x ingat berapa dollar)(pizza, ginger beer, pasta)
-pilot CP
-copilot MMTK
From our lastnite's holiday park in Matamata, we drove for around 150km to the coromandel.
the first stop was to cathedral cove.
from the parking space uphill, we have to walk around 1.5hours towards the cathedral cove, the pathway was an easy one, except it has many up & downhill paths, making us (me only) easily out of breath heheh. fuh. the weather was actually cold but i was sweating. think i burned 2kg here (padahal x burn langsung pon kohkohkoh).

About Cathedral Cove:
Accessible only on foot, boat or kayak, famous Cathedral Cove is one of the “must visit” sites on The Coromandel.
There are several scenic tracks on land adjacent to the reserve, including the 2hr return walk to Cathedral Cove track, which gives access to Gemstone Bay, Mares Leg and Cathedral Cove.
From beautiful Hahei Beach on The Coromandel you can walk to Cathedral Cove, where a naturally formed archway deserves photographic attention.
From the north end of the beach, a one hour walking track leads along the cliff top and then descends to the Cove. Here a gigantic arched cavern passes through a white rock headland to join two secluded coves. The cathedral-like arch gives the whole area an air of grandeur. The beach is sandy with shady pohutukawa trees along the foreshore - a perfect place for a picnic and a swim.
Just off the beach at Cathedral Cove is a large pinnacle of pumice breccia rock known as 'Te Hoho'. Over centuries this has been sculpted by wind and water - it now looks like the prow of a large ship steaming into the beach.

And then, around 10km from here, we went to the hot water beach.

About the Hot Water Beach 
is a beach on Mercury Bay on the east coast of the Coromandel Peninsula, New Zealand, Its name comes from underground hot springs which filter up through the sand between the high and low water tidal reaches.
Within two hours either side of low tide, it is possible to dig into the sand allowing hot water to escape to the surface forming a hot water pool. The water, with a temperature as hot as 64 °C (147 °F), filters up from two underground fissures located close to each other.[2] These natural springs can be found on the beach opposite the off-shore rocks. Visitors often dig large holes and relax and soak in the thermal water.

We were already hungry by the time we finished with the hot water beach, so we decided to kelantang kelentung, masak megi there and then. di parking lot itu. di tepi hot water beach tu.
and we have like alot of leftovers, like sardines and mushrooms. so, terjadiklah megi kari bersulamkan sardin dan mushroom hah. idokle sedap mane, tp sbb lapar kan.

And after 50km drive from there, we arrived in Thames and had a nice pizza dinner at d luca pizza place and then checked into our last accommodation in NZ, the nite before we fly back home. in Avalon Motel.
it was a nice cosy motel apartment, with 3single beds and a queen bed for the 5 of us.

since tomorrow will be the flight home, we have to do the packing & cleaning tonite, and no way we can easily do it in our motorhome. hence the hotel.

before starting the packing, we emptied the motorhome first. sesi mengemas/mengosongkan fridge, toilet, the whole motorhome. and then we realised we have alot of foods left and we are so fulllll.
so, we decided to give all of them to the motel's owner. including the 5kg rice we couldnt finish. kahkahkah. tamak lagi.

celebrating IR's bday in the morning with surprise cake.

beginning the journey to coromandel

View from lookout near car park over Stingray Bay to Cathedral Cove.

View from lookout near car park over Stingray Bay to Cathedral Cove.

lookout point

at lookout point. MMTK taking pic of IR taking pic of CP taking pic of WR taking pic of MN taking pic of cathedral cove.

at the lookout point

towards gemstone bay

at gemstone bay

fuh tangga tinggi gila nak naik balik. somput eden.

on the way to the cathcove

otw towards cathedral cove

nz ww1 memorial forest

beautiful view of the coromandel beach

beautiful view of the coromandel beach

beautiful view of the coromandel beach

beautiful view of the coromandel beach

beautiful view of the coromandel beach

continue towards cathedral cove

otw towards cc

staircase down to cathedral cove. tinggi mak aih....

the cathedral cove


us all at cathedral cove

pantai saujana mata memandang

View through rock arch towards Te Hoho Rock in Cathedral Cove.

journey going back to motorhome...

beautiful view of the coromandel beach

the last one arrived at the end of the 2hours walk pffftttt gemokmok.

muka penat sebenanya ni.

at hot water beach, on how it was formed


masak megi for lunch, diparking lot, di hot water beach.

route to our hotel that nite in thames: avalon motel.

dinner at d luca's pizza

beloved ginger beer heh




us celebrating IR's bday. dinner mewah (sikit)

the pasta

nice comfy cheap hotel for the last night in NZ, for us to pack before our flight back home tomorrow.

sesi mengemas/mengosongkan fridge, toilet, the whole motorhome.

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