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++North New Zealand | Day 07 | Rotorua skyline

Day07:Rotorua (marathon day):
  • we from (stayed) at Rotorua Four Canoes Hostel
  • Rotorua skyline & luge rides (NZD49 perperson)
  • Dinner at oppies takeaway in rotorua town
  • overnite at the same hotel like day before: Rotorua Four Canoes Hostel (hotel)
F&B day 07
breakfast: bread with choc spread & cheese
lunch: skyline cafe Fish n chips 9.50 Wedges 6 Drink 3.5=Total nzd19.00
Dinner: calmari n chips 8 at Chip Champion Restaurant near our hotel.
**no chef & pilot today
Since 3 of us joined the Rotorua Marathon, and left me & MON doing nothing, we decided to take the bus to the rotorua skyline today.
Featured as top things to do in rotorua, rotorua skyline featured a gondola ride up to top skyline viewing the whole rotorua town & lake, and also offered the ultimate luge experience down the hill (with free ski lift up back to the luge rides entrance).

We walked nearly 2km to arawa street from the main road right infront of the hotel.
& took bus no.1 for route to skyline, 10mins drive with 6 stops to Fairy Springs Road - fronting no.166 for skyline entrance.
(Bus to springfield skyline rotorua 2.60 one way)
the ticket for gondola ride (to go to top) & also luges rides can be bought at this main entrance, or online at:

Gondola and Luge Packages (price in NZD)
Adult Child
Gondola & 7 Luge rides $60.00 $50.00
Gondola & 5 Luge rides $56.00 $46.00
Gondola & 3 Luge rides $49.00 $39.00
Gondola & 1 Luge rides $43.00 $28.50
*[gondola only - $29]

we bought Gondola + 3 luge rides at  $49 perperson. (plus another $39 for pictures from their services)
we also had lunch at the skyline restaurant, fish & chips were at 8dollar.
by the time we finished everything, it was already time to meet those marathoners back at town, so we
quickly went down and waited for the same bus back at arawa street and meet them at hotel and
then had dinner at a fish n chips cafe nearby
same like before, we Overnite in Rotorua (Hotel) Four Canoes Hostel.
the routes we took from the main road infront of our hotel towards skyline rotorua.

it was such a beautiful day in rotorua that day

at the bus stop at arawa street. there's clear bus timetables/routes at all bus stop. so easy to use.

bus ticket was bought at the bus door. paid to the driver.

at the skyline busstop. here.

the skyline entrance.

the ticket

we ready to board the gondola lift.

us in gondola

first thing we went to when we were up, the luge tracks!

the luge tracks.

the view of rotorua town & lake from above.

Luge rides! best gila!

the ski lift upwards after each luge rides downhill.

the skilift back to luge entrance

view of rotorua town & lake from above

cant remember if this was our 2nd or 3rd rides down.

pakcik sebelah tensi guek bawak selo gila. heheh.

even a kid can overtake me.

on ski lift

luge rides from MON's gopro

rotorua town & lake from above.

we had lunch at the skyline restaurant afterwards.


gondola down

journey back to hotel, by the same bus across the street.

meanwhile at rotorua lakeside, 3of us completed their 42km full marathon in time, so proud of them.
they were the only contestants from malaysia. (ke?)

beautiful weather

we had dinner at oppes takeaway. i ate calamari & chips.

our messy hotel with 5 beds that nite. lol.

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