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++North New Zealand | Day 02 | WairereBoulders Whangarei Falls

Day 2 at North New Zealand:
  • we are from: bay of island - waitangi holiday park 
  • wairere boulders (60km from waitangi)(NZD15 perperson)
  • whangarei falls (free)
  • overnite in waipucamp waipu cove (145km from whangarei falls)(inside motorhome)
F&B summary for DAY02:
breakfast: cereal with milk
lunch: Fish n chips (NZD7) on the way
dinner: by CP & IR - nasi + sambal sardin + telur dadar (cook the remaining nasi & sambal sardin for breakfast)
-pilot: WR
-copilot: MMTK
we woke up superlate and didnot start our journey until after 11am.
aiyolaaa, time management ke lautttt.
and today we went to wairere boulders & also whangarei Falls.
Overnight in Waipu Camp Waipu Cove.

some interesting facts about wairere boulders:
"The Wairere Boulders is a Nature Park in the Hokianga Harbour at Wairere near Horeke, in the Far North District of Northland,  New Zealand.  The park, now a tourist attraction  has been created by Rita and Felix Schaad between 1999 and 2003.  It is the most significant area of eroded basalt rocks,  mentioned in the New Zealand Geopreservation Inventory classed as: Internationally significant ...... the most accentuated fluting on basalt rock in New Zealand. it is, beside some occurrence in Hawaii,  the most accentuated erosion on basalt rock world wide." (

some interesting facts about whangerei Falls:
"The picturesque waterfall is 26.3m high and falls over basalt cliffs. The two viewing platforms above the waterfall give spectacular views of the falls and a birds eye view of the forest below.
Traditionally this area was a good eeling spot for the local Maori and around the turn of the century it was a popular picnic spot (and still is today) for Whangarei residents.
The base of the falls may once have been tapu (sacred) as the pools below the falls were once used for washing the wounded and dead, and was known to Maori as an area of healing." (
this is us at the Waitangi holiday park (from lastnight). the scenary here was magnificent actually but we didnot take many pictures (because we were quite late to start that day)... huhu...

at waitangi holidaypark

our breakfast

si tukang sapu...

on the way to wairere boulders and we saw many magnificent views but mostly didnot stop because the time constraint and the road was quite narrow to stop. but this one was the only one exception.

vain ditgh jalan

into the wairere boulders

wairere boulders

fish n chips..

whangarei falls

di whangerei falls

chef of the day: CP & souschef IR

telur dada & sambal sardin


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