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++North New Zealand | Day 10 | Wellington

DAY09: Wellington
  • we are from Martinborough Featherston Motels & camping
  • Wellington (80km from martinborough)(parking NZD 18 permotorhome)
  • Wellington cable car (NZD7.50 return perperson)
  • Cuba street (nandos halal)
  • Westpac stadium
  • Overnite at Waitarere Beach: Himatangi Beach Holiday Park (120km from wellington)(inside motorhome)
F&B DAY10 :
breakfast: bread with choc spread & cheese
teabreak: Tea n cheesecake 12.00
lunch: nandos (NZD16.90)
dinner: by MON & WR - nasi + sambalkentang + sauteed mushroom
-pilot CP
-copilot IR
The experience in Featherston motels & camping lastnite was scary.
not because of that holiday park, the park was superb with very kind uncle running it.
but because of the weather. the storms and strong wind.
we felt as if the motorhome was swaying left and right thruout the nite, we cant really sleep.
semuanya hanya diam didlm selimot berkumatkamit memohon jgn mati didlm motorhome ahahahhaha, but no one wake each other up. semua hanya diam kaku ditempat tidur masing2. ahahahahhaha.

we went to Wellington, which is the south-est town in NZ northern island.
it was an 80km drive from our lastnite's accommodation in martinborough.
the route was scary and windy, not like pantai cherating's windy, but very very strong wind (angin lintang) and i almost always lost balance and had to grab the steering wheel really tight.
and it was hilly, and raining too. we was actually being warned by uncle featherston tuh about this route.
some roads are even steep and narrow. huhu. aku drive tegak gila sbb takut lost control.

When we arrived at wellington, we parked our motorhome at an open parking space near the westpac stadium and walked towards the town from there, firstly we walked to Lambton Quay, the main shopping street in wellington,
and took the cable car ride there, up to kelburn, a suburb in the hills overlooking central city.

we had coffee break at a cafe up there.

after that, we went down and walked to the cuba street to find the halal nandos shop there.
and then we noticed that we have only less than an hour to perform zuhr+asr prayers, so we quickly took bus back to our motorhome and jamak takkhir and then walked to westpac stadium.

and, i continued to drive for another 120km towards Waitarere beach, Himatangi beach holiday park, where we stayed the nite there.
breakfast that morning, inside the motorhome..

photobombed in wellington

cool trafficlight

ford's door so cute

wow malaysian restaurant

pwc building in wellington

us in lambton quay

camera MMTK.. in wellington shopping street

the cable car ticket. NZD7.50 return.

showing off our tickets. kejadah tah.

nak naik cable car

in the cable car

funny photo.

dunno what we talked about.

didlm cable car

reach top of wellington

at the lookout point.


train down

back at wellington streets

pandoro pon boleyyyy

wow is this travis's studio? hnmm

abrakebabra :)

cool makcik

cool couple

jejalan mencarik cuba street

at cuba street

at cuba street

satay noodle house at cuba street. so many asian fushion on this street.

nice cafe

halal nandos!!! mine ofkos 2 ketol ayam. lapoooo gilaaaa.

yay for nandos halal

dlm bus back to our motorhome near westpac stadium

us didlm bas balik

fuh. kakoi! near our parking.

at westpac stadium

at westpac stadium

dah sampai holiday park. first thing first, our chargeman, IR, sgt cekap dan pantas terus melakukan her everyday's routine of dumping (water from our kitchen mostly because we didnot use the toilet/shower inside the motorhome at all), filling in back clean water for our kitchen usage, at the dumping area, and then when we've parked at our lot (the motorhome will be given own spot/lot to park at each holiday park we prebooked), the chargeman will be ready to plug in the wires to charge our motorhome. shabbas sgt cekap dia ini.

chefs of the nite, MN & WR gigih didapor utk sediakan dinner yg sgt seberapa.

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