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++North New Zealand | Day 11 | Whanganui

Day11: Whaganui:
  • We were from: Waitarere Beach : Himatangi Beach Holiday Park
  • To Whanganui (80km)
  • Shopping at Trafalgar Square & lunch
  • Whanganui City Bridge & Durie Hill Elevator & Tower (NZD4 perperson to use the elevator)
  • Stopped at Pak n save (groceries shopping)
  • Overnight at Tongariro Whakapapa Holiday Park (140km from whanganui)(inside motorhome)
F&B DAY11:
breakfast: bread with choc spread & cheese
lunch halal Beriani ayam (nzd10) at trafalgar square whanganui
dinner: by CP & IR - nasi + sambal sardin + telur dadar + salad (asal turn aku masakkkk jeee mesti sardin dgn tolo je ahahhahahah)
-pilot: MMTK
-copilot: MN
the actual plan in Whanganui was to explore the Whanganui National park, by boat from whanganui town, towards the bridge to nowhere.
but the tour was closed due to the weather & storms.
so we just settled down lingering around whanganui town and walked to the famous whanganui bridge and duri hill elevator.
before that, we had lunch at trafalgar square on the way towards durie hill.

as usual, we were really happy with whittakers' price at pak n save, and stopped by at it, stocking up more stocks to bring back hometown.

and then, we drove straight to our accommodation that night in tongariro whakapapa holiday park which was 140km drive from whanganui. it is located in the heart of Tongariro National Park (which was our plan for the next day).
by the time we arrived, the park was really dark. and we got a spot that was quite far from the amenities (toilet, shower, kitchen, laundry), and it was raining, and it was kinda scary like in a deep jungle scary, and did i mentioned it was really dark?
so, we decided to change to a spot that's nearby the amenities (actually, it is right next to the amenities area)(which was empty, in the hope that no one will occupy it, and since it was already 8pm and the check in time is only until 8pm, so, we concluded that it is empty).

but the spot was really really narrow and small, actually, i think, it is for a smaller motorhome parking, but we were so degil, we wanted to give it a try, to park there (setelah berbincang selama beberapa ketika jugakla ni)
so WR tookover the driving part from mmtk, and reverse parked, and zrrrrttttt, something loud coming from the other side of the motorhome and boy were we panic at the disco!
there was a big rock, that none of us realized was there, and wr cant move forward, nor backward, and the motorhome was already scratched and we dunno what to do.

anddd.. jeng jeng jeng, here comes a knight in shining armor (yg semorg berebut nak kat dia)
a fine young lad came out of the next motorhome, asking us what happened.
the first glance was a death stare, right into his fine bod. (drama sgtttttt ayat aku, padahal sebenanya panik).
we told him wat happened, with our motorhome stucked and we were afraid to do anything and all, and he went back to his motorhome to seek help from his cabinmate (which we later found out was his dad, so sweeeeeeeet camping with dad, or was he only 15?? ahahahhahahah)
and then he tookover the driver's seat, and helped us moved and parked rightfully, with the help of his cabinmate,
and we thanked him
and what we cannot forget was how he then offered to help move it out of that spot tomorrow morning.
awwwwwww, co cwiiiiiiiiiiit u hensem gentleman i want u now. on my bed. tonite. ahahahahah.
semorg gila sekejap.
but that was that.
we continued memekak, kelentang kelentung masak for dinner, solat, laundry, toilet, shower, and sleep peacefully. no angin lintang tonite, but it was coldddd and we found out in the next morning that it was 1degreeCelcius outside. grrrrrrrrrr.

lastnite's accommodation in himatangi beach resort..

in whanganui town

found a reject shop. nice frames kan. hehe.

inside kedai reject

the whanganui bridge

sambung jalan lagi

at the whanganui tourist centre. asking about the tour to whanganui national park.

the name is garfield yow!

walking towards the durie hill elevator

staircase up to durie hill. hell no.

fuhh nasebaik ade elevator

at entrance to the elevator

tataula apsal semorg behimpit2 camni ahahahahaha kiasu be like

in the tunnel to the elevator

the elevator to durie hill tower.

the elevator

Durie Hill tower

lookout point viewing whanganui town

durie hill tower

durie hill tower

bole jadi prospektus tak ni? ahaha

tuh diah. kegigihan masing2 bergamba. especially yg dgn selfiestick tu ahahahhahahah.

in the elevator

backat town. the whanganui bridge

back at trafalgar square. having icecream

keadaan kami didlm motorhome on the way to tongariro

dinner that nite. by chef cp & IR


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