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++North New Zealand | Day 09 | PutangiruaPinnacles

DAY09: Wairarapa
  • we from Mangaweka Awastone holiday park
  • The morning in Mangaweka Awastone
  • Masterton (lalu je) & EKATAHUNA (minminkop)
  • The journey towards putangirua. scenic routes!
  • Putangirua Pinnacles (free)(250km from mangaweka awastone)
  • Foursquare martinborough (groceries shopping)
  • Overnight at Martinborough: Featherston Motels and Camping (inside motorhome)
F&B DAY09 
breakfast: bread with choc spread & cheese
lunch: we only munch our breakfast bar/chocolate/snacks
dinner: by WR & MMTK - sambal sardin + omelette + sauteed mushroom
-pilot MN
-copilot CP
The weather on day09 was also one of the most bright & spectacular ones, since early morning, altho it was quite cold at our motorhome park (in awastone).
the view & surrounding at awastone, which was right beside a river and hill, was really magnificent and we were quite relucted to leave it. so, we took quite forever, having breakfast & fun trying WR's #laybag beside the river, near to our motorhome. hehe. we started our journey at 10++am.

and then, there were many, many scenic routes all the way from that place towards putangirua.
if only we have ample time to stop at each beautiful scenary. it was around 250km (? this is a questionable distance, i hope MMTK will read this and correct me) drive alltogether from awastone towards putangirua, with masterton in between.. and we were already late that time, we had to reach puntangirua early because sunset was as early as 530pm this season.

on the way there, we stopped at ekatahuna for a quick minminkopsesh (coffee-break), it was brutal if we let MN (driver of the day) drove all the way towards putangirua without stopping.
the plan to stop at masterton was being crushed due to limited time, so we only passed it by.

mase lalu at one the scenic routes towards putangirua pinnacles ni, angin lintang kuat gila. i can feel our motorhome sokmo swerve to the left and me continuesly pijak break imaginary (sbb aku hanya co-driver mase tu). monno yg drive mmg cemas dan panik je sepanjang2 perjalanan. motorhome terasa melayanglayang, tp, this was one of the most scenic route sepjg kami disana. towards #putangiura — in Kahutara, New Zealand.

we arrived at putangirua pinnacles at around 330pm.
from the entrance, we took around an hour walking via a streambed towards the pinnacles towering formations and an hour back to our motorhome.

Facts about putangirua pinnacles:
Over the past 120,000 years, the Putangirua Stream has exposed this ancient layer of gravel to the erosive forces of rain and floods. Some of the sediments stayed concreted together, while others washed away. The result is the Putangirua Pinnacles 'an amazing collection of hoodoos'.
This outlandish place was used as a filming location for the 'Paths of the Dead' scene in the Return of the King, the third movie in Peter Jackson's Lord of the Rings trilogy.

after performing our prayers (jamak & qasar) at the end of that putangirua tour (nasebaik sempat fuhh), we headed to our holiday park that night in martinborough. we also managed to do quick groceries shopping at a foursquare (something like pak n save/countdown, only smaller) nearby our holiday park.
really beautiful views surrounding awastone

our home..

having breakfast beside the river beside the home.

chilling on WR's #laybaq

minminkop at ekatahuna

chilling on WR's #laybaq

now ready for the 250km journey towards putangirua pinnacles.

small bridge connecting awastone to the main road.

along manawatu scenic routes

the horrondous zigzag road almost most of the time

scary but beautiful cliff

on one of the strong wind road with angin lintang and i can feel our motorhome was swerving during this route. ngilu ngilu kusam.

finally arrived at putangirua

the scenic path towards the pinnacles

amek gamba sampai tejatuh2 haa kekdahnyeeee ahahahahhaha

gitiu gigih gila si MMTK menjadi photog si MN

dark nite, journey to our stay that nite. at martinborough.

way to cheerup IR yg tgh patahhati malam itu. partayyyy time. (lah sgt)

chef & souschef of the nite. makanan sodap sokmo.

camera orlen----------------------------------------------------------------------------------

AJK kebersihan sdg menyapu sampah

view of the motorhome after few days. we didnot assemble the dining table anymore sbb malas.


gamba gamba camera MMTK


gitiuuu gaya2 photographer ni.. MMTK.

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