Friday, October 30, 2009

++432 the one with TTwife

this is about how they always organize lastminute plan.
lasnite, rite after he arrived, he hurriedly ask me to siap2.
"cpt awak cpt siap2, diorg ajak tgk wayang"
i was like "hoh? tadi mase ondeway tak cakapppppp!!!"
bla bla bla alasan2 keji.
so in the car, 5-10 minutes before movie starts, i asked him
"movie ape kite nk tgk ni?"
"tah la saye pon tatau :))" gelak gelak
"jennifer's body ke?"
"tahla, mcm cite inglorious basterds kot"
(we watched that movie oredy)
"sape2 je lagi yg peghi ni?"
"tahla, saye pon tatau :))" gelak gelak lagi
duh tak duh??
we arrived at 10pm at sunway pyramid, the movie started at 9.30pm
aie and the geng were already inside cinema, so, he had to go out from the cinema to pass to us the ticket.
atuk was lining up for the hotdog while aie gave me the ticket (yg kitorg tatau diorg ni tgk movie ape)
so, when i look at the ticket, it showed "TT WIFE"
both me and atuk terkebil2, what the hell is TT wife??
cite ape ni? cite cine ke ni? cite tamil ke? x penah dgr pons~

not until i look at the banner, ooooooooooo!!!
cite ni keeeeeeeeeeeeeee

teruk betul, nk gi tgk movie tapi xtau diorg belikan ticket ape
2nd teruk thing is, i tot TT wife dah keluar dah lame dan dah takde kat cinema
3rd teruk thing is, menyusahkan org2 yg sampai awal yg tepakse keluar cinema utk pass the tiket
4th teruk thing is, bejalan tunduk2 kepale dihadapan movie yg dah start
5th teruk thing is, i run from the ticketing door towards the cinema hall, and bammm!!!, terlanggar another guy at one of the selekoh tajam there. air tumpah, tp hotdog selamat sejahtera.

morale of the story:
dont do last minute plan/s

after movie, we celebrate kecil2an sgt donnie's birthday at asia cafe.
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