Tuesday, January 28, 2014

++the one with the lost friend


they come and go
maybe its me, maybe u r too happy with your life, or maybe you are simply busy, or yeah, maybe you feel like the universe is only gravitating around you.
that u forgot the existance of me, right here. still here.
when all i hear is only me knocking down your window..
all this while..
and maybe im tired now
so, u can be busy or ignorance
u can just pretend about my non-existence
and just remember to knock again my window
when there will be day or days that u felt u r alone again
or when u realize that u just lost another friend.

ps: u r not that far anyways, even my friend in germany had times to knock me once in awhile.

currently listening to:all my life
currently feeling:mcm nak demam
i wanna be:a supermodel

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