Tuesday, April 1, 2014

++the bimbo talks about our satellite

no doubt the current MH370 tragedy affected mostly our emotions & doubts towards our government.
or least i am.
eventho the PR of our representatives during every PC were lacking, but as a malaysian, i supported them.
whatever it is, i stand united with them, and with the SAR team, and with all the other malaysians who had been directly or indirectly involved in handling this very hard situation.
for what we have contributed and what we have done so far, no matter how small.

but recently when i read our own people condemning about how our own satellite, the RAZAKSAT, wasnt helping in the whole rescuing agendas, i had to make a stand.
ah gitu.
satellite2 nih mengundang minat saya.

i had to refer to huda for this info, a former atsb-ians (the operator for the said satellite, something like inmarsat).
Razaksat is a small Low Earth Observation (LEO) satellite, orbitting the earth at NEQO (near equatorial orbit) only, the kind that is parallel to malaysia on the khatulistiwa circle. (like brazil)
the reason for a low earth position is due to our cloudy sky, much optical satellite imagery of Malaysia have more than 50% cloud cover within the image's footprint.
and, due to orbitting at the neqo only, no, it cant cover the search area for MH370, which is below perth.
see image below, for neqo orbit.

the satellite was launched in 2009 for rnd purposes and every low earth observation satellite has only around 3-4years of a mission lifetime.
basically, yes, razaksat has exceed her lifetime limit.
so, why are u asking where's that famous razaksat?

altho economically developed, malaysia is not that big of a country to actually buy new satellite every other years, the people will bising (like me too) for these unnecessary equipment but then when you are on the project team of letsay the recent SAR team, u'll know that we actually need these kind of 'unnecessary' objects.
takkan bila dah ade tragedy baru nak tehegeh2 beli.

dont let me start on issue kapal selam.

ATSB, is the kind of company im looking forward to, how do i contribute to this country during this critical timeline?
i really really want to be a part of them.

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i wanna be:on the SAR team!


Huda said...

yeayy!!!! high five, i wanna be on the SAR team too!! :)

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ko boleh jadi bomoh yg lebih convincing. haha

Unknown said...

ahahahahha.. macam nasihat2 dr love aku kan?

Pojan said...

nasihat dr. love ko spot on dowhhhhhh. kalau kehebatan ilmu bomoh ko macam tu, ada can jumpa kapal tu

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ahahahahah masalahnye aku lah dr love yg gagal... huhuhu.. paling gagallll kotttttt