Friday, May 16, 2014

++Accidentally in IRELAND | intro

this is the likes of my perth & kohlipe trip, no planning was done and i bought the tix less than a month before departuring... huhu.
tat same sudden rush of needing an empathy. or sick and tired of being sick and tired. of nothing.
begitu lah sgt.
i guess the problem with me is, i had toooo many, way tooooo many secrets that i kept to myself and unwilling to share and when i went for an outing with dear friends, i tend to be the one who listened and always always be the one giving's advices, and i suck it to my own stomach. or heart.
but then, i still, am not willing to let my issues out. im not sure why, but, no, i wont.
maybe, just maybe because i dont want people to be bored by my story but people are already bored, dont they?
ahhhh. pffttt...

back to the main story, yup i was in ireland since 1st may (departed on 30th april)
and was back on 14th, but i took an MC yesterday due to headaches and flu (and mainly because of jetlag).
and i took that opportunity to went back to seremban, mainly to see dad.
yes dad.
when i was in ireland, my sis told me dad is sick and needed surgery.
ya Allah aku terus nangis. that sudden rush of sadness!!! i couldnt even speak on the phone when i called my sister.
my travelling partner said "ini pertama kali kakak tgk anty nangis"
heh. that time, i wish someone will hug me and said everything's gonna be alright. i wish i am near to my dad and my family, i wish i didnot do this crazy, sudden, accidental travelling out of the country thingy...

but alhamdulillah the surgery went well, (altho very very expensive), i hope everything will be allright with dad, coping.

(i swerved away from the main subjet again, didnt i?)

so i stayed at kakcin's place in ireland, and my travel buddy is her niece.
and i am, err, i am nobody nobody but you. (nyanyian mendatar)
altho the trip was good, now that i'm back, i felt empty again.
rase sedih tgk ayah campo sedih sbb dah balik campo mcm2 sedih2 diluar kandungan.. (dan sedih tgk credit crd statement agaknye)

what the heck?
aku tataulah apa tujuan aku ni. keje melambak tp rase mcm nak meluahkan tp tatau kat siapa.
i dont want to burden anyone.

oklah, udoh2lah tuh videl oh,
im gonna write full itinerary of my trip soon, in another entry, stay tuned.


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Suya said...

kenape taknak citer? kan aku cakap, semua orang ada zaman gelap. so yeah, spill!

HH VideL said...

zaman aku gelap gelita sgt!