Thursday, August 28, 2014

++the one with IG spammers

during #GC 's recent trip to kuching sarawak, i purposely unprivate my insta account.
for, well, xde sebab pon actually, sengaja je bajet retis nak hashtag bagai.
one of the common hashtag was, #sarawak.
ye lah kot, i think it was because of that hashtag, my photos had been spammed by those iklan2 promot brg depa jual online. mcm artis2 selalu terkena at their IGs.
wow sgt.
semorg mcm jaki gila and ask me to private back my IG.
sejak peristiwa tu, sedikit sebyk aku akan dibahan, "ko kan retis noks, kene spam dgn "jomtinggidanlangsing" muahahaha


ok, bowring.

berikut disertakan bukti bukti sbg tanda perasan retis. hehe.

*ive private-d the account back. ofcourse.

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