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++Morocco | Day6 | sahara to Fes

- journey from sahara desert back (by camel nearly 2hours ride)
- to have breakfast at hotel in erfoud, merzouga
- pay van to FES (250 MAD)
- to rissani (buy water 6 MAD)
- natural water geyser
- lunch (hotel buffet 120 MAD)
- gamba dgn pokok near ifrane
- Al Akhawayn University (in ifrane)
- and then head to Fes morocco. checked in hotel Bab Al Madina (located at fes old medina)
- visit argan oil factory & massage & henna (massage 150 MAD, argan oil 100 MAD, others 150 MAD, henna 50 MAD)
- buy water 6 MAD
- dinner near hotel burger 30 MAD

- overnight at hotel bab al madina (Fes)

*total spending: 162MAD on f&b, 250MAD on transportation, 450MAD on others
actually, we were promised to be brought back also by the 4WD that took us to the desert yesterday.
so, lastnight, we discussed things with our guide, about at what hour to wake up, what hour to watch the sunrise and what hour to go back.

the agreement was, we will ride the camel for a short while only, just to watch the sunrise, and then we will take the 4wd back to the hotel at mezounga for breakfast and then go to Fes.
but, this morning, when we hold unto the camels, we felt like we were being towed away from the sun, instead of moving towards it. dlm hati dah betanye tanye, mane sunrise ni? mane sunrise ni????
ruparupanya, we were being towed all the way out the desert towards our hotel, for 2 hours!
dont ask us about how we felt. i felt like my lower legs were separated from my upper thigh!
i felt as if i dont have legs anymore, there was no saddle to put my legs, tergantung ajah.
terkangkang too.
sakit pinggang nak mampos! (i had those backache & hip-ache for almost 2-3days in fes)
my friends were already making lame jokes about how to survive malam pertama selama beberapa round. that wasnt fun at all. nangissssssssss!

as mentioned before, the whole gang went back to Marrakech, but, we already booked 2 rooms (paid the deposit) at Fes for 3nights, so, we had to pay another 250MAD for the van to Fes.
(we can actually opt for a bus trip to Fes at 110MAD but they said the journey will be longer and there will be more stops as to maintain extra people, and, the trip will be at early morning and late evening)

us, with our camels.

so, we watched the sunrise from our camel ride.

alhamdulillah for this beautiful picture. it deserves an award.

arrived at the hotel in merzounga for our breakfast.
i name my camel: jon snow. thanx jon for lifting me up hahahaha. for carrying me for almost 2 hours. for bearing my weights. i always wonder if anyone can lift me up, but now, i have jon. jon snow. ahahahaha.

our breakfast by the hotel, also included in the package.
roti keras mcm kayu & pancake.

with our guide who loves pacat so much. hahaha.

a geyser on our way to fes

the windy road toward fes

we had buffet lunch at 120MAD on our way to fes. this is in a hotel i dunno where.

we continued. as we passed many villages, we can see the changes of the types of tree. here we can see pokok2 already hijau2 but renek renek. (before this x byk sgt pokok dan x byk daun hijau pon)

and then pokok2 bertuka kpd bentuk rhu..

this was at irfane.

we arrived at Fes at around 6pm and checked into our hotel.
we took 2 rooms (it was actually booked for 2bed & 3bed rooms, but we got bigger rooms, 3-bed & 4-bed rooms). and the hotel was really at the old medina's skirt. like few steps away only.

this was a pathway towards the old medina, where we went to argan oil factory & silk factory that night.

at an argan oil factory, warrie was being treated for a facial in front of us..

i had a staisfying massage in this factory, but the massage room's condition was really bad. no towel watsoeva. no single bed, me & MMTK were laying in the same bed bunk. yeap, bunk. not katil. tilam angin sahaja. T____________T
but the masseur's hand was really2 good lah. sedap dia urut.

after massage, i have been forced to have this henna. T____________T

really! i said i dunwan henna. but she still come to me and took my hand and just did it.
why didnt i just tepis my hand u ask? because, i am bersopan liddat. :p

but we had dinner near our hotel later on, so, muka sedikit ceria la. makan burger besar ammat ni for 30MAD.

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