Thursday, September 8, 2016

++the one with the pokigo

alamak. i only wrote 2days NZ story so far je ek. so, i have like 12more days story to tell, but i am super busy.
tidaklah busy mcm pakmenteri pon.
but, i dunno, days went by so fast nowadays huh. tuptup dah jumaat. yay for the weekend, but then, tuptup wah dah SEPTEMBER yall!
wahhhhhhhh! i am almost 18! (wink)

i have like dozens of photobook i cant finish and expiring err maybe this week?or nextweek?

i've been nomading thekubur these past many few weeks. one is because the ir3land people were back in malaysia for a month, last month. two, because then, 1ndukna is here, and i am becoming more and more like a snorlax each passing days. she made me and ab ate rice everynite.. and we were home like way past 9pm, and then eat, yadayadayada and then sleep.. i cannt help it.

and then, there's the pokem0ngo.
yeap that not so latest mobile game.
the 1st 2-3weeks were quite exhilarating actually.
with some partner in crime like poey, we went to the extend of camping in at taman astakona yg popular with pikachu hunters tuh. not exactly camping la, but we sat there from after works until gelap kot.
for many days. and i was one of those people, eyes locked in screen, walking towards watever the direction of the pikachu spawned. but the joy was to meet few other pokemon trainers there, some were so generous story-telling their funny-experience/s or tips. sometimes, eventho it was not told right at my face, they told it very loud, i cant help eavesdropping. and i know, they meant to share. hehe.

lastweek for instance, i sat at a bench with few random people. there's this girl excitedly telling other stranger about her experience in titwangsa, or lrt, or dataran merdeka.
i cant help but smile (dendiam) sometimes.
but she had me at one line. "skrg, aku dah paham dah camana perasaan korang yg gamers ni, really addicted dow main game nih"
she meant the gamers = bebudak yg ngadap depan console-tv/pc 24jam xbleh begerak even makan.
i meant, NO! no u just didnt!
u cannot (ever) samakan pemain2 tegar game (yg mcm dota ke apepe tuh) with some mobile games wehhhhh. no it is not the same. at all.
i know i am also not one of the gamers. but, i am pretty sure, they (the real) gamers know what i mean.
i didnt correct her ofcourse. aku hanya bekerut kening diatas kenyataan dia.

ok back to the game.
as i was saying, it was thrilling at the first 2-3weeks.
especially when we got a rare pokemon. especially when we have friends who plays too.
so, excited sikitla bole menunjuk2 sesame kekawan. (altho i am the lowest one, there's no pokestop/pokemon near office, so bowring).
and then ab joined the bandwagon, bertambah2 lah excited & the thrilled.
he is the kiasu type, who drove all the way to bangsar to catch the snorlax. but he only aimed at the kuat2/rare ones. like snorlax, dragonite or gyarados.
there was a nite when i was in shower and he screamed that there's a rare mon nearby, and he is so kiasu he asked me to stop watever i am doing!, so i didnt shampooed, not even sabun and quickly went out to hunt for that little rare pokemon.
fuh. semangat dia. annoying but exciting!

not until he found a trick recently.
and he taught me using it. where we can play it very easily.
this is like watching an uggun api fire, slowly fading. with drops of water.
i didnt feel those excitement of the few early weeks playing it anymore.
no more perasaan meluap2 nak gi taman astakona to tangkap pikachu anymore.
no more those excitement of collecting the magikarp candies (kene collect 400candies tuh).
no more those excitement of showing off some rare pokemon i found at any rarest place.
or the excitement of watching the egg hatch.

i still play tho, but not with the excitement.
mcm perasaan main minesweeper dah.

and no, i cant turn back. this is like u cant become a virgin after uve been fucked. gitiu sekali lagi.

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