Friday, March 1, 2019

++the one with smartwatch

this is just a ranting post.
not about food, nor about travels.

aku suke suara ippo hafiz. tengah suka. suara dia alala indonesian style, mcm once, mcm ungu, mcm afgan, mcm mcm.

aku tgh dlm dilema nak beli jam apa.
first of all, i wanted a Smart Watch. bukan jam biasa, dan bukan jam sukan, as i am not a gym freak or active person.
But there are a few specs/smart thingy that i needed this watch to cater for me,
like sleep monitor, heart rate, stress tracker, swimming, smart notifications, text response, bluetooth, wifi, remote camera, steps, (i know that currently i can just track and sync my steps using my phone je, but phone x accurate, and i dont bring my phone to all places at a time of place)(paham idok?)

aku suke gila, nak sgt apple watch series 4 (large (44mm) tuh), but
1) the one with cellular version is still not available in malaysia (walaupon max1s dah offer esim (but esim for iphone)(boleke masuk dlm apple watch?)(dunno yet, malas nak baca forum)).
the nearest option is to buy from singapore apple store, to which i'm so lazy la, nnti jadi apepe, malas nak pikir. and
2) 2ndly, i heard rumours (or maybe ni bukan rumors, ni mmg true news), that apple watch will also analyse sleep (which the current version lack of).

so im back at googling about garmin watches.
since im so into apple watches, i'm forecasting that, i will, soon, buy the apple watch, once they released the cellular + sleep analysis version in malaysia,
so, i'm thinking of buying a temporary garmin watch.. i might be wearing this for maybe 1year plus (sbb apple watch with sleep analysis tu maybe keluar tahun depan 2020).

after shortlisting from few of the series, i came out with 2 options.
either vivosmart4 or vivoactive. i am in dilemma now.
they both have all the smart-function that i needed now, and also both are within budget (budget yg akan tukar jam after a year), but, vivosmart4 has a pulse OX function that the vivoactive lack of and it is half the price of vivoactive.
while, vivoactive got GPS and it is big watch, like my normal big watch (aku suke pakai jam besar2, x suke yg kekecik ni).

so, i really need to, takafur now.

garmin vivosmart4: has pulse OX & half vivoactive price

garmin vivoactive3: has gps & big like normal watch


phachat said...

dh ada keputusan ke... perlukan lagi sebulan utk berpikir?

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