Thursday, March 1, 2012

++LDP and SS2

driving on LDP at 2-3ish AM is giving me a goosebumps!
especially the road nearish kelana jaya
reminded me of the old house at SS2,
this time around when i went back from dating,
midnite movies at one utama old wing
(ofcourse there was no OU new wing or e@curve those times)
bukak tingkap and feel the cold air.
boleh nangih gituh.
kalau tetibe kuar lagu blink 182 ke hoobastank ke, lagila nazak aku menangih.
damn the old times.

damn this old age, i cant really stayup late nowadays.

ya allah, i miss old times.


currently listening to:aquarium's
currently feeling:sleepy
i wanna be:with u


melloyz said...

miss the old times ke ... or miss his companion :p

videL said...

both. literally. :p
tp kite sokmo tgk midnite movies together too, or with eja, means i also miss your companionships lah =p