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++Phuket 2012

as opposed to the KohLipe trip during chinese new year break 2011, this phuket trip was a total disappointment, altho not all together, but literally all. except the companionship, friendship, laughter, and of course the filling the gossips times.

the local phuket people are very rude, not all, but almost all!!
we witnessed so many salegirls 'menjeling' whenever a foreigner (american, etc) didnot buy anything, or trying to bargain.
a close example was when nyza, our friend, trying to bargain for a dress, it was sold for a price of 500baht, nyza had only 400baht left, so she showed the salesgirl lah the money left in her purse.. then the salesgirl said
"no money u can go"
how rude!
they never smile, except 1 or 2.
even at the airport, or the van's driver that took us to the james bond island hopping or phiphi island hopping,
i have never forget to say thank u whenever i step down from the van, looking at his face, he never looked at me! never smile too! benci sial!!
sombong nak mati!

this comment from this website here is very true:
"Viewers will be surprised to read this, but I now prefer to go to Pattaya for beach holiday than Phuket? Why??????? Various reasons but the main one is that the "locals" in Phuket are rude and always ripping off the tourists. They locals who are "south Thais" are different than the Thais from Isaan or the North. In Pattaya, the locals (who are from the North and Isaan) are more friendly and patient. True, the beaches are not as clean to swim in but they're nice to look at from your 4 -5 star hotel. It is cheaper and you don't have to fly to get there. Good bye Phuket. You were awesome back in the 80's but no more. You (Phuket) have ruined your charm by becoming greedy and over runned by the thugs and mafia with the tuk tuks and shops."

and the snorkeling trip was a disappointment!!
we took 8in1 james bond island hopping (consisting 8 islands) on the 2nd day. for a price of 2000baht (rm200) per person (including lunch).
the package was really like an island visiting only, penat2 je pakai swimsuit dan berharap there'll be a snorkeling time. nada!
kayak-ing part je yg best. dan cantik.
and then we took 5in1 phiphi island/maya beach/etc etc island hopping and snorkeling (consisting 5 islands) on the 3rd day for a price of 1500baht (rm150 perperson including lunch).
i can say that the package was kinda a spam.
the 1st one, they left us snorkelling at the beach at kai island, beach???
we had buffet lunch at phiphi island.
and 2nd snorkelling point wasnt even an open sea. we can easily pijak all the corals. kesian rosak coral2 tersebut! ahh of course the corals werent good either. ikan2 biase yg boleh didapati di pangkor or tioman. even tioman??
and tak puas, we can only snorkel for 40minutes. tak puas!!!
and 2 kali snorkeling tu aje!!
tak puassss!!!
it was all very opposed to my kohlipe's experience.
at kohlipe, we were brought to the open sea, snorkeling at almost all 5 islands that we went to (for a price of 500baht only!), snorkeling sampai penat gile dan tak sanggop dah nak snorkel lagik... tapi sgt puasss hati yg itu!!!

apart from that, we went to the famous pingpong show on the 1st nite.
it was, hnm i dunno what to comment actually. havent been to one. ter'nganga' & blushing almost all the time, and feeling numb at the 'v' area down there until we cant take it anymore.. and released ourselves early..
the girls doing the show were ugly, didnot satisfy our taste, ahahhahaha, so to say.
bengap otak aku tgk. tgk pingpong, kura2!, burung!! dan etc etc etc keluar from the hole. pening pening... i prefer tiger show lah kalo gini. walopon takpenah tgk hahahhaa..

but the massages were good. the masseurs are all very friendly and not rude like the salegirls at phuket market tuh. or we were lucky?
on the 2nd nite, we all had the oil massage for a price of 300baht perperson.
on the 3rd nite, we all had coffee (antioxidan) body scrub + aloevera massage + facial massage for a price of 850baht perperson.

hnm, watelse ya..

out hotel wasnt located near to the patong beach, less hectic and happening, it was calming and relaxing, katenyer. it is located at the hill, 5minutes drive to the patong beach..

oklah tu je kot nak citer buat mase ni.

gambar2 utk tontonan dihari muka... as usual, menyusul... dan sungguh banyak nya..

1st nigth's pictures:
my hotel room (standar room for 2)

irina sebok kt bilik kitorg...

night life at patong beach, phuket

with a drunk tourist..

in our tuktuk, with ibrahim, one of the not many friendly and not rude local phuketians.

2nd day pictures:

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