Monday, April 30, 2012

++the one with the random rantings on monday morning

1) so SICK & TIRED looking at all the newsfeed on FB, twitter timeline, people posting videos/pictures/statuses about #bersih. BORING!!! simply boring.
takesahlah posting from the opponent nor the penyokong nor the atas-pagar people..

2) pictures, artistic pictures, composed pictures, beautiful pictures moves me.
i peeked at twitter&FB timeline just for the daily quotes & some gossips. tu pon whenever rajin je.
but instagram, i gotta scroll down, i had to scroll to everything in that timeline.. only, i dont follow much people i guess..
(maybe thats the main reason why i still 'read' everyone's posts in my instagram timeline)

4) BUT, but there are things that i would like to share with the BFFs, but hate listening to their random advices/ulasans.
so i posted it in the twitter. meluahkan perasaan yg terpendam is not the same like when i just screamed it out loud and people will start condemning.
BUT, there's another but, BUT, most BFF doesnt have twitter account!!!!!!!!!!!!! geramnyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!

3) i missed avenged sevenfold concert semalam. how was it?

4) im currently, i mean during non-office hours, is watching 'drop dead diva'. and i love it. thanx pojan for the head-up.

5) i have no MOOD to work today. pls cepatlah kol 5pm !!!!!!!!!!!

currently listening to:naked breed - tribute
currently feeling:sad, little bit
i wanna be:a supermodel!!!!!!!

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