Sunday, April 15, 2012


Ok sambung previous entry.
Mc on tuesday, halfday on thursday and annual leave on friday due to mazni's wedding at jerantut.
But im still not ok, still coughing hard and down with major sorethroat.
Tapi kene pergi gak besfriend's wedding kot tuh!!!
Come last monday, i took halfday leave and went back to hometown.
On leave on tuesday, and public holiday on wednesday.
So i went back to kl on wednesday but still unwell.
Decided had to take e.leave on thursday and friday too, dont think i can handle work stress.
Went to penang to rejuvenate, too, but today, sunday, im still weak.
Coughing hard, sorethroat, cant eat really well
(but still got the appetite, just very hard to swallow).

Its been almost 2 weeks.
Takkan nak mc lagi kot esok????
Oh dear god :(((( bring back my energy..
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Unknown said...

take care dikk...

wantie said...

get well soon. follow u

melloyz said...

aku nye batuk pun x kurang lagi.. semlm amik chieese med. At least the dry sore throat dah xde tapi la ni yg kepala berat plak.. aku rasa sebab aku tido sebelah suraya .. Damnnn