Thursday, February 7, 2013

++i NEED vacation

i NEED a vacation!
its funny how i said those words every other months like i really didnot attend any vacation just recently.
*macam kau byk DUITTTTT!!!!*
*tak payah nak poyo sgt haslfah*
in my defense, i dont know if it is the stupid unmarried cough*spinster's*cough adrenaline rush
or it is because i am really tired of my works or my heartbreak or my loneliness
or it is actually nafsu semata mata that i NEED vacation like every month!

speaking of spinster, a new fren recently told me i look 25.
oh wow!
yay melompat2 setempat!!!

and then, a good friend of mine posted some aurora pictures on her wall (not recently).
and boy, it was really breathtaking! mind blowing! orgasmination!
actually, klin & kzarina pernah discuss about all this aurora thingy before this, that was before i went down to them when i really need a vacation b4 pergi perth dulu tuh..
kzarina told us that she wanted to tour the Scandinavian countries, with a package tour that'll cost her around 20k (kalo x silaplah). which will include the artic circle's aurora watching plus pijak line from bawah ke atas arctic tuh. menarik gila kan? pijak sempadan.
but i didnot gave it a thought pon sbb mahal nak mampos.

now that i've revisited the idea of watching aurora borealis again, i have a 2nd thought lah kiranya.
but without the total package.
maybe aurora alone (aurora watching require 2-3 days staying at the north part of norway),
or maybe combine dgn Oslo's visiting plus Switzerland, with budget-ted itineraries.

aurora, on the other hand, specifically borealis, "is a natural light display in the sky particularly in the high latitude (Arctic and Antarctic) regions, caused by the collision of energetic charged particles with atoms in the high altitude atmosphere (thermosphere)." (source-wikipedia)

the question is, will i ever have the money to travel to the north or norway.
flight tic to oslo, then to troms (or any other city on northern norway) plus foods plus hotel.

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