Tuesday, June 24, 2014

++the one who havent been to the studio for years!

auwww, x sangke ade org still bace blog hampeh nih.
aku busy sgt (yeke?) (tahape yg busynye tah,)..
yg pastinye skrg musim worldcup (not like i watch/ed every game pon)
dan tiap malam aku re-run game of thrones.
ya betul tu, from season 1 episode 1. (walopon dah abis tgk sampai latest season). best dow game of thrones itu..
the funny thing is, kekdg aku sendiri tekejot dgn sesetengah scene,
sbb serious wah dah lupa ade scene ni. wahhhhhhhhhhh. 
wah yg sgt terlopong nya lah.

and last weekend, yeah i love last weekend!!!
setelah sekian lama x ikot gi jamming, we went to ay1e's new studio at SK.
both saturday & sunday's nite.
i love it! rindu giler kot.
one of the band members always bring his son to the session, sgt cute, he is good at hopping during muse's drum beats. besnye kalo ade anak sendiri (tetibe kan).
random gila.

during one of the session, before our turn to use the studio, we lepak2 at the stage beside the jamming room, and there went some s07&peterpan's session.
meleleh ayormate akak deknon.
the good old songs.

this one, in particular.

*ps: i didnt play/sing. anything. just being a regular groupie.
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i wanna be:a supermodel

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