Wednesday, October 29, 2014

++Back from Morocco

Im back!!!!
Morocco was awesome and hot and tiring and smelly and exotic and fun, alltogether at the same time.
Gurun Sahara trip was the highlight of the overall journey and altho my leg and back and bum and everything were sore from the camel ride, it was an astonishing experience nonetheless.

We flew from KL on friday 17/10 to casablanca, morocco,
& then went to marrakech,
& then to sahara,
& then to fes, meknes, chefchoauen,
and then back to casablanca and hit back home on 26/10. But arrived at 10pm monday 27/10/2014.

I'll write the iteneries soonest.
Stay tuned!

Feeling great & loved~

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