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++MOROCCO | Day 1&2 | Casablanca & Marrakech

before i start, all the currency given below are in MAD (moroccan dirhams) and the price are per person (unless stated otherwise).
and for easier converting (and calculations), we assume 10MAD is equal to 1Euro (equal to around rm4.20)

so, below are the journey of our 1&2 day trip:
- had to take half day on friday 17th/oct and arrived at KLIA at 6pm for checking in & luggage dropping.
our flight departed at 830pm.
- Abu Dhabi Airport (transit for about 3hours)
- Casablanca (Aeroport to Casa Voyageurs to Marrakech (200 MAD by train))
- taxi to hotel 20 MAD
- Checked in Hotel Riad Hiba in Marrakech (we took 2rooms: 2bed room + 3bed room)
   (260MAD for 2nights per person)
- sightseeing around Marrakech (Jemaa el Fna & the souk, Koutoubia Mosque, hammam (80 MAD))
- dinner at Jemaa el Fna (beef tagine (40 MAD))
- shopping (djellaba, bag, FO 3x4 MAD, mineral water 2x5 MAD)
- overnight in riad Hiba in Marrakech
so, today, we spend 220 MAD on transportations + 62 MAD on f&b...

this is us infront of marrakech' train station.

ni hotel kami... we took 2 rooms (3bed room + 2bed room)...

these leather shoes are alot cheaper here in jemaa el fna (compared to fes), and i thought i'm giving myself time to think first about buying but ended up regretted it (because we went back to casablanca from fes and didnot return back to marrakech). shopping in jemaa el fnaa souks are better than fes. for me.

us, still bright & energetic on day 1. still alot to explore and naive about morocco.
and this picture was taken at the side of jemaa el fna.

the fresh oranges here are to die for. they were really fresh and with no added sugar. they peel it infront of our eyes and the price was only 4MAD (aroung rm1.50) per glass. (imagine peelfresh at around half box of 1litre).

this was taken at Koutoubia mosque, the largest mosque in marrakesh.

and then we head back to jemaa el fna to watch the lightings of the souks at night. it was magnificent.
(gamba dibawah ialah salah sebuah gerai disitu yg jual buah2 arab).

and we had dinner at one of the cafe in the middle of jemaa elfna. 
i had this beef tagine. an exotic taste. but not to my liking. maybe i was too villagepeople too enjoy other cultures. hehu.

this is beef couscous

this is chicken couscous.

and then, we head to the famous leisure activity in morocco (and also in malaysia nowadays). hammam.
the price was really cheap (at 75MAD) but it came with manyyyy, way too many curses at the end of the affair. let's just say that we were being scammed here, the service was poor, and well, we felt like being raped. gittewwwww.

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