Friday, November 14, 2014

++Morocco Trip 2014 | Costing

pls find above our overall cost for this morocco trip (per person)
and that total amount is excluding our return air ticket which was at rm2636 via etihad airways.

we save alot by opting the sahara trip package at the hotel in Marrakech (we got the 3d2n package at 95euros),
if we allowed ourselves to book online pre-departing, those online package price normally went up to 200Euro per trip per person.
that's almost 100euro different man!!

but, MMTK under-estimated our foods budgetary nampaknya.
the actual spending on foods were at almost 2 times the planned budget.
we must be very very hungry due to the climate, or is it because the foods are really expensive hah? MMTK budgetted around rm40 per day, but actually i ate at around rm60 per day T____T

transportation wise, the under estimation was because of the van we have to hire to go to FES from sahara.
the 200Euro budgetted plan included the journey to fes too, but the 95Euro actual price ended back at Marrakech,
so, we had to add 250MAD (around rm105) (around 25Euro) to separate our ways, instead of going back to marrakech, we headed to Fes.
and then, we suddenly decided to go to chefchaouen (the blue city), from Fes,
and that day we spend 400MAD (RM168) for the transportation...

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