Wednesday, January 20, 2016

++the one with 2015

there are many things i'm thankful for 2015 actually.
eventho it was a bad year for kochi-ku, 1 major accident, few broke-down cases or in my case, injuries to my heart (haha),
but, in terms of self satisfaction, aku agak berpuashati lah.

firstly, i am so thankful (yg sgt sgt syukur ni), for the opportunity to perform my 1st and hopefully many more to come, Umrah (makkah&madinah& also visited thaif) . alhamdulillah sgtsgt. it was such a memorable one, in fact sampai hari ni i am still terkenang2kannya and really2 pray and hope that i will get my 2nd & 3rd & 4th & many more chances again and again and hopefully one day, the opportunity comes together with the joy of a husband (wink). Amin.

2ndly, i am thankful for the opportunity to travel to germany & austria.
i will never forget how astonishing and stunning the lake at konigsee and the splendid view at obertraun krippenstein and hallstatt and i hope i will return in the future. also, with a husband if possible (wink again).

3rdly, i am thankful to finally went to ho chi minh. we didnot explore the whole city, as we intended to shop only, and as MMTK once proudly claimed, "tapayah nak melawat2 sgt sg mekong semua tu haih, byk lagi sungai cantik kite dah poie".. ahahahahha, dasar berlagak sgtttt!
but seriously, lebih kurang je mcm kat siemreap. so, we only went shopping at HCMC and i was happy with that. (ah shit, this trip deserves an entry, will do it laytah)

4thly, i am thankful to go back again to tawau, shukur nikmat. i love this city, and seafood, and damn food. those damn food! and the ticket was being sponsored, so, alhamdulillahhhhh. syukur lah nak.
and also, we went to tampi tampi, and this time i went swimming and skinny-dip jumping into the sea. that was awesome & addictive altogether. sekali buat, nak lagi dan lagi...

5th, i am also thankful for the roadtrip we did to penang. especially with the original thestujes clan (since 1994). ya allah these guys are the best! also, ofcourse alot of eating involved and who doesnt loveeeee food. penang has the best series of must try foods in malaysia! i love penang!
(ah another shit, this one pon deserves another entry demit lupa)

and also, i am thankful for the many activities organized by the company that i joined, trekking to sg chilling, treasure hunt to tioman, teambuilding at lexis PD, the ATV rides, the cooking class, the makeup class, etc etc etc

and lastly, finally, after so many yearssss, i have a new boyfriend, Far1z, and eventho he doesnt technically have a kotey huhuhu :( (ahahaha), but, he is still awesome and drives me crayzeh. ammmmm.

hicurrently listening to:faizal tahir sayang (looping for 1000th times)
currently feeling:loved~
i wanna be:richhhhhhhh. amin.

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