Tuesday, March 1, 2016

++the one with siksaikel

and then there was si siksaikel
after, the one after tody.
the name came from the first recorded song he strummed, after i strict-telling him i want one.
altho not necessarily meant anything or meant for me only, that song did send me shaking.
the next thing i knew, we went out for a few dates, and at first i thought it was only a scandal and mehhh, he wouldnt want me.
i am taller than him.
but then, he got serious.
and i got serious-er.
and one day, as we were on a date, i recieved an 'i miss you' (or so i thought, i forgot exact words) SMS (no whatsapp that days) from my ex-coursemate that i'm most close with,
and the next thing i knew, we drove all the way from midvalley megamall to this ex-coursemate home at gasing.
things went a lil bit shaky. he came out of car, 2nd he came out from home.
and they went arguing. but actually, they werent too many words said.
mostly, all i remember is, si siksaikel holding the pam tayar basikal wanting to hit si ex-coursemate.
his housemate went out, trying to calm the fncking down.
i tried to shut up je. because i think i dunno if i was scared or i was in shocked.

the next thing i know, they were trolling me (actually 1person who is not si ex-coursemate, but his housemate) at our coursemate-group online.
and therefore, i started a hatred friendship or actually the right word is, i ended up cutting all the ties with all of them, my coursemate and his housemates and many more.

jealousy.turning saints into the sea.
i was never a jealous person before. but after him, i became one.

so, dont tell me about all the things u cant do when u r in a relationship, i've been to all.

i am single and i am not sure.
i love and miss all the jealousy, but, a part of me felt relieved.

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i wanna be:a supermodel~

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