Saturday, December 7, 2013

++the one who is an old fan

i am watching those old2 videos of ze old2 songs of my gen's teen-age-times.
from one utube video to another to another and cant help but thinking that those were the days..
bila mcm ni baru rasa diri sgt tua nyaaaaaaaaaaaa
like when we went to old trafford, while waiting for alan smith to sign our tickets,
an old lady (who that time for me is old, but she's my age now, around there) screamed "i loveeee you alan smithhh!!!"
and her son told her to shut up "mom! u r embarrassing me!"

cant an old woman also taksub to the person we like?
like when we screamed for lee min ho?
or anuar zain even?

malu org tgk, katenyer.
adekah aku x malu? jika aku masih menjerit sebegitu?

currently listening to:the moffats - i miss u like crazy
currently feeling:sadddddddddddd
i wanna be:a supermodel

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