Thursday, December 12, 2013

++the one with the whatsapp problem

how do we even live without the whatsapp apps before year 2010 (or equivalent)?

my apps crashed recently, right after my phone batt went flat (one day)(not at home)(the reason)(takde sape tanye pon tapayah nak kasi alasan sgt).
and few groups tgh rancak beborak kot, the next morning when i turn back my phone on, BAM!, it crashed.
so i decided, to let it be, until today. today weh! thursday! 4fuckingdays! without whatsapp!

just to feel how the people who dont have whatsapp felt
(mak ayah aku xde watsapp ok je idop je ape ko kaychoh sgt tah?)

and poor thing, not like anybody misses me pon. get it? get it? (ayat fav baru kat grup tokyo)

till the new phone comes in~


currently listening to:puddle of mud - blurry
currently feeling:sad & melancholic
i wanna be:a rockafellaskunk. ah?


sue said...

aku tau mana ko dpt ayat baru geddit geddit tuuu.. hikss

Hasifah VideL said...

aku nak sebut ayat fav pakwe baru ko tp kang well ko bengkeng kang... hahahahhahahahhahahahahaha

sue said...